An article in todays Manchester Evening News is quite an interesting one. You see, hoteliers in the city have come clean about their biggest bug bears when it comes to swiping things.

Of course, there are certain things you don’t mind being swiped. The mini toiletries like single use shampoo, conditioner and toothpaste. After all, they cost pennies and you have paid for them in the price of your room.

Brochures, Magazines, News Papers, again, not an issue as they’re built into the price of the room. Same with Pens, Pads of paper and bottles of water are all fair game too.

What they don’t want to see being swiped is towels, bedding, curtains, TV’s, the BED. Seriously, people have done that one.

So, let’s get one thing straight. No business wants you to steal from them. There are a couple of allowances that can be made, but seriously, that towel you’re robbing, firstly has been used hundreds of times and laundered just as many. Seriously, you’re stealing a second hand towel.

I used to work in a pretty high end hair salon, and in the bathroom we had a glass table full of expensive colognes and perfumes, this was for our guests comfort. They were there for everyone to use if they needed a quick freshen up. Within a month, there were only 2 left, JPG Classic for Him, and Pacco Rabban Ultra Violet, the rest were women’s perfumes, and a client was barred from coming to the salon as we knew it was her.

Being predominantly a female salon, one thing we went through by the tonne were sanitary towels, tampons, loo rolls and make up wipes. By all means, if you’ve been caught short at that time of the month, take a few towels and tampons to see you through until you can get some. Take a few extra sheets of loo roll if you need to blow your nose. Use the makeup wipes. What we don’t want to see is you coming out of the bathroom and you suddenly have half of the cosmetics aisle of Tesco in your bag. Other people will want to use those things too.

In the end we had to secure the hand lotion and hand soap to the wall like a hotel because we were raving to replace Molton and Brown products as much as we were replenishing our colours.

But, then again, there is one hotel that has a plan. Gotham in Manchester practically has a price tag on everything. Art, Ornaments, Duvets, Pillows, Towels. Everything except the actual room is for sale, and they even have a ‘Swag Bag’ so you can show staff what you’ve nicked and they can add it to your bill. Genius idea!

The whole idea is that it allows the hotel to replenish stock without a cost to them, and the purchaser gets what they want. It doesn’t always work though, but a thorough itinerary is done and guests must sign a disclaimer that any discrepancies (other than the small things) are charged to the guests credit card.

Sara O'Connell
A passionate photographer from Arizona, Sara enjoys art and culture.