The case against a 19 year old man who spent time in jail after being falsely accused of rape has collapsed after explicit texts were found on the man’s phone from the accuser.

There is only one problem here though. The poor bloke has had his name and photo splashed all over the media, while she ‘cannot be named for legal reasons’.

The issue is, that she has lifelong anonymity, despite breaking several laws, including wasting police time, lying under oath, falsely accusing, perverting the course of justice and defamation. But, she will get off scot free, unless a judge comes down hard on this vindictive woman who set out to not only ‘mess up his life, but destroy it lol’.

This is an embarrassing setback for the police, as this is one of a number of cases that have proven to be false, or that there was no guilty party. Then there is the withholding of evidence to the court which could vindicate the accused. But that’s too little too late. Mud sticks, and forever more, the men falsely accused will constantly have a sword over their head, while those that accuse literally get away with it.

It’s sad that in a society where equal rights are so heavily championed, the pendulum has swung greatly in the other direction. Women can scornfully use sex as their ultimate weapon (as in this case) and as soon as it’s over go to the police and cry rape. All the physical evidence is there.

However, what this stupid, nasty, vindictive woman didn’t realize was that her victim had kept all messages she had sent, and as soon as she realised this, she changed tact.

Over the years, the systematic failings of the CPS have mounted, and mounted, and mounted, and it is unfair that the anonymity law hasn’t been updated, especially when someone can accuse someone of such a heinous crime out of spite just for to ‘lols’.

Rape is one of the most serious crimes someone can commit, however, to falsely drag someone’s name through the mud by falsely accusing them of such a crime should come with the same sentence as the accused would have received had they been found guilty. To literally name and shame the ones that falsely accuse others.

After the ridiculous case of the woman who accused no less than 5 men in a few years, the anonymity law needs to be updated to make it equal on both sides. Either the accused is anonymous until found to be guilty, or the accuser gets named when found to be lying and there is undeniable proof that they are.

This waste of police time (and resources) on an already over stretched budget is criminal in itself. Police must take all rape accusations seriously (and rightly so), however, people are using sex crimes as a way to get back at someone. If there was a deterrent, maybe the police could spend more time on the beat, or responding to burglaries.