A 17-year-old boy died in a fatal accident involving a 3D printer, hairspray and special paper used by magicians, an inquest has found.
The youngster suffered horrific injuries in an explosion when paper caught fire after he used hairspray on a 3D printer while doing his homework.
The sixth form pupil, Tom Taylor, had sprayed three bottles of hairspray on his project in a bid to stick his work to the hot plate of a 3D printer. He had seen the technique in use in an online video, an inquest into his death heard.
It is believed that the hairspray caught fire because of an electrical spark either from the hot plate or from a nearby plug socket. Gases had built up because of the amount of hairspray he used over a number of hours.
When highly flammable flash papers, stored underneath the desk, caught fire, it caused an explosion. Flash paper is used in theatrical special effects and by magicians.
The tragic teenager tried to escape, but he had inhaled too many fumes and collapsed, dying as a result of smoke inhalation.
Making his ruling, a coroner has now warned other people against embarking on such a project.
The family had bought the 3D printer on online auction site eBay for £300 just a few months earlier.
It was described a low end version of the technology available.
Mr Taylor’s devastated mother said she heard a loud bang, but when his step-father Max Clark rushed to try to help, he was confronted by a huge wall of flames at the entrance to the room. He tried to break a window to reach the young man, but that too failed.
Mr Taylor’s body was eventually recovered from a converted Co-op store where his family lives, as well and running an online magic firm called MagicNevin.
Ten fire engines rushed to the scene to battle the flames at the family home in Lincoln. The blaze was so big it could be seen from miles away.
Mr Taylor had lived with his mother Helen, 46, his step-father Max Clark,49, and his twin brother Jack.
His family chose not to attend the inquest into his death because they thought it would be too distressing to hear the details.
The boy’s family has, however, thanked the community for their support, describing their son and brother as an “amazing, kind, generous, humorous young man”.