There are of course plenty of TV game shows that you may enjoy watching these days however one of the most unusual shows in the UK is the annual Shed of the Year show in which a team of contestants do nothing more that show off their own garden shed.

That show may sound a little boring, until you actually watch it and discover the lengths that people will go to, to make their little escape in their garden completely unique! The Shed of the Year show has been going for ten years now and there are no shortage of people wishing to enter it, in fact this year alone 2,963 entered the competition!

So far in this series viewers have seen all manner of weird and wonderful sheds, and the voting opens today and runs through to June the 2nd, when all of the votes are counted up and the winner is announced.

Some of the more unusual sheds, well to be honest every single shed on this year’s show has certainly been unusual, however those that did catch our attention included one that had been decked out as and has been designed as Doctor Who’s Tardis!

Another had been designed to replicate the look and feel of a cinema, and it was not only the outside that looked like a cinema for the interior also came complete with a foyer selling sweets and ice creams and also a fully functional if somewhat tiny cinema screen complete with seating too!

They often say that men like to escape from their wives by spending as much time as they can in their shed, and some other very notable entries this year include a man who has built a massive model railway in his shed and another who has turned his shed into a mini cathedral!

It is not only men that can enter this competition however, in fact there have been some absolutely stunning entries from women too including one lady who has turned her shed into a hospital for hedgehogs!

One of the best entries we have seen however is a chap who has turned his garden shed into a flight simulator, it is of course a fully functional flight simulator and we think it will certainly get a lot of votes from viewers as they will have never seen anything like it before.

The Shed of the Year Show is being shown on Channel 4 TV in the UK, however depending on where you live in the world you may be able to watch the show when it airs or by using the Channel 4 TV catch up service which allows you to watch any of their shows online or on a mobile device.