As modern people, we know the strains day to day living put on people. Be you a high achieving executive, or a simple cleaner. The modern world is like a battlefield with landmines placed down every 2 feet. However, there has been a new wave of new parents, the ‘Slummy Mummy’.

Mothers that take almost great pride in the fact they’re raising their children to be feral and instilling no discipline at all.

With the rise of the internet, the slummy mummy’s post photos of their kids clutching bags of dry cereal in the car on the school run because mum was too busy on Facebook prying into other people’s lives.

It’s also a common occurrence for them to swear like troopers on websites like Mumsnet and call their children names that I wouldn’t call a paratrooper, let alone a child. There is also the fact that these so called slummy mummy’s regularly question their own parenting but decide to carry on regardless instead of actually making positive change.

One mother even admitted that she drinks G+T out of a plastic sippy cup during ‘rhyme time’.

This isn’t parenting, this is border lining on neglect.

Yes, parenting is difficult, it doesn’t matter if you’re a step parent, biological parent, aunt, uncle, niece or nephew, cousin or a family friend, raising a little one, be that for 5 minutes, 5 months or 5 years, is 2 things. A great joy, as you have helped shape that little person into the person they will become, and it’s a great responsibility.

The old poem about a child living what they learn is never more true to this.

You teach a child violence, they will be a fighter. You teach a child love and compassion, they will go into the world making change. You teach a child the entire curse vocabulary; they will more than likely get a job working for Channel 5 as a script writer.

But some of these parents are so unashamed that they almost endorse their lack of parental skill.

Yes, we all like a drink, but remember, your child lives what they learn. If they see you drinking a glass of wine with dinner, they will only drink a glass of wine with dinner. If they see you ‘cheating’ and drinking gin from a sippy cup, they’ll learn as they get older how to deceive you and will also drink gin out of a sippy cup.

If you swear around your children, they will learn the words and articulately drop them into sentences, but because you’re so desensitized you don’t hear it, imagine a five year old saying ‘Mum, would you pass me the f*****g ketchup, please’, it’s not good, it’s not clever, and it is potentially hindering their prospects in later life.

The same with using racial slurs, or homophobic slurs. In their career, they could be under a black manager, or could have a gay workmate. So for the love of God, parents, clean up your act.

Published by Sara O'Connell

A passionate photographer from Arizona, Sara enjoys art and culture.