Feminism on the Rise

I’m going to come out with it. It’s not going to be popular, and Mumsnet users the world over are going to want my testicles as earings for saying it, but here goes. Femenism has gone too far.

Femenists come in two varieties. The nice, moderate lipstick wearing ones who want true equality. And the scary skinhead ones in dungarees and chequered flannel shirts who look like they want to take a chainsaw to all men’s b******s.

The former want boys to learn about the great achievements that women have made over the years, and I’m not talking about baking the perfect soufflé. The scientists, business women, politicians, artists. Women have done great things over the years, and mainstream history books do have a habit of painting them out, which is wrong.

The latter want men to be domestic servants, like women were treated all those years ago. But sorry ladies (am I allowed to call you that?), this is 2018. You have legally got equal rights, but if you keep pushing, you’re going to end up with more rights that the rest, which isn’t fair.

As a hypothetical scenario. Yourself and I are mobile hairdressers, on our way to a job. In our cases we have Combs, Brushes, Hairdryer, Scissors and Razor Blades. The police do a stop and search and question us on why we’re carrying potentially deadly blades. Are you going to scream discrimination because both of us were stopped and searched? Where as I would co-operate and explain the reasons for carrying blades in public, would you refuse to work with them? To explain that you’re on your way to your next clients house to give them a haircut?

We need to be teaching our children the good and the bad when it comes to history. From Martin Luther King to Hitler. The Suffragettes to Stonewall. Our very planet has a rich tapestry of history, sometimes grim, sometimes more upbeat, but children of both sexes need to be taught that equality doesn’t go all one way, and that if you want to get ahead in life, you can’t use your sex as a playing card. If I was to employ someone, and then sack them for incompetence, it wouldn’t have anything to do with race, gender, sexual orientation or disability, it would be their lack of skill in the field.

Working in hairdressing has taught me one very important lesson, being a man in a predominantly female industry, it is not nice to be discriminated against. But, did I shout it from the rooftops? No. I proved myself to be worthy in the industry, far surpassing a lot of my co-workers.

If a girl wants to be a truck driver, let her. If a boy wants to be a fashion designer, let him. Equality has to work both ways, and let’s be honest, if women won’t let men into ‘their’ industry, why should men let them into ‘ours’?