It’s an old saying, but very true. When all is fair in Love and War.

So, let’s have a scenario:

Two partners, one asleep, who gets free everything, and one awake, who has to pay. Is it unfair to wake the sleeping lion to get the complimentary service, or to leave them to get well deserved rest and then accept the reprocutions?

Or let’s put it this way, is it fair for the sleeping lamb to wake up and not have a bean, because the lion has blown it all and has nothing to show?

Hardly a Romeo and Juliet scenario.

Speaking of Love and War

There is a part of me that thinks that returning to old fashioned dating (without the nudes) is well overdue. My first and only online date was a disaster because not only was she at least a decade older than she said, looked vaguely like his photo (taken in 1979) and her attitude was more boredom than bubbly.

I was hoping for Champagne, instead I got S**te.

Why not be fair all around and show yourself for who you are? Warts and all, battle scars and bereavement? As humans we find these far more interesting and endearing than some fake persona that never existed to begin with.

I know people that have won the online dating lottery, and have had long, fulfilling relationships with their other halves, simply through honesty (and a little bit of cloak and dagger deception).

A few white lies, such as saying you’ve heard a band you’ve never heard of is not going to kill anyone. Turning up and you’re 20 years older and 4 stone heavier is going to be a surprise.

Something else in Love and War.

Don’t underestimate your partner, especially when they hold the key. You can push and push until they are at breaking point. But once they do break, be prepared for major repercussions, especially when the key that they hold is entirely in their name.

The War of the Roses is a prime example.

We can be cruel in spats, vicious at times. I could bite my own tongue off with some of the things I say. But in the same breath, I also half mean what I say.

I’m spoiled, I’m entitled, and I’m not ashamed of it. I’m high maintenance, a nightmare to live with and I’d have it no other way.

Actually, I’m nothing more than my Grandmother. High maintenance, exacting and I have a very high standard of manners and respect.

Maybe some people should read up on general etiquette and how to eat at dinner without shovelling it in.