Yes, Jeremy Meeks is an attractive guy. But why are we fawning on him like a celebrity. He’s a criminal and the fashion world has misguidedly decided to turn him into a catwalk model and lavish him with a lifestyle most of us can only dream of, let alone obtain. To make matters worse, he’s left his wife and has hopped into bed with a multi millionaire heir to one of the UK’s biggest chains.

They say a leopard can’t change its spots, and it looks like Mr Meeks has no intention of changing his. After his arrest in 2014, the world went ‘Meeks Mad’ for his good looks. This then landed him with a manager, an agent and more magazine deals than he could shake a stick at.

Seriously, what is the world coming to when a common thug with a record longer than his leg gets to enjoy the highlife with endless parties, women, a limited amount of work to do and a millionaires daughter?

Surely Vogue should have put a stop to this. Instead, they actively encouraged it, which is giving our young people the wrong idea and making them think that if they turn to a life of crime and join a gang, they too will get the world handed to them on a plate with a silver spoon.

That is not how the world works.

The photos we have seen show a very uninterested Meeks sat with Ms. Green who is daughter of Phillip Green and it is quite clear from his body language, he is in this for green stuff, and we don’t mean weed.

We have seen this done countless times with both men and women, where they feign interest simply to try and be bankrolled for as long as they possibly can.

We reckon, that in 6 months, they’ll go their separate ways, Meeks will get off scot free (again) and land on his feet, and Chloe will feel stupid and have a sizeable dent in her back balance.

All the while, his divorce isn’t in the process of beginning, which is a really crappy thing to do to his wife and his kids. Photos initially emerged of him cavorting with another woman earlier this week. Now a few  days later he’s canoodling with an heiress and making the most of the situation.

Truly vile behaviour on his part, and he should be ashamed that he’s not only using a woman for his own game, but is also hurting his family in the process. Ladies, you know what they say about bad boys. They’re no good for you and will only ever break your heart.

Chloe, do yourself a favour and find yourself a nice man that doesn’t have a criminal record longer than the Bible and won’t use you simply for your wealth and status, because deep down, all Meeks is is a crook, who obviously wasn’t that good at it because he got caught.

Published by Sara O'Connell

A passionate photographer from Arizona, Sara enjoys art and culture.