Apple Perfect their Design with iPhone 8

Ever questioned if your iPhone could work well with a display surrounded by a single bezel? So have the designers of the Apple iPhones. Rumours have begun to spread that Apple is building an impressive new design for their future released iPhone 8.

It has been reported that the next generation of iPhones will have the entire face of the phone covered by the display. A number of new patents have been filed by the Cupertino-based company. This is evidence that the company is searching for technology that will eliminate the popular Touch ID fingerprint sensor that is built underneath a glass display.

First, their goal is to remove the home button’s physical switch. This technology advance was achieved with the release of their iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus, which was released last month. A regular iPhone user knows that this will increase more space on the face of the iPhone and create an edge-to-edge display. The only issue would be having the bezel along the top of the phone. Concept images have been displayed of what an edge-to-edge design would look like on an iPhone.

For now, Apple continues to use the bezel that is positioned above the iPhone’s display. The bezel houses the ambient light sensor, the front speaker, a proximity sensor, and a front-facing selfie camera. These features would have to be embedded underneath the glass, in order for it to be removed entirely. Sources see this as being impossible. That is until a new patent was recently discovered.

An insider for Apple was able to provide some insight to what the mobile device giant may have planned, with its future smartphone. Another option would be to have a few of the components relocated to increase the size of the display at the top.

The “Electronic Devices with Display-Integrated Light Sensors” US patent (no. 9,466,653) is for technology that would make it possible for Apple to incorporate a light sensor within the screen. This could be done and have no effect on the touchscreen display functionality nor the sensor.

Apple is attempting to embed the phone’s home button underneath the glass display. Light sensors are laterally displaced in typical devices, from the active display region that is along the device’s front face, which is explained by Apple in the patent. It is possible that it could lead to an undesirable increase in the weight and size of the mobile device.


Amazon Shoppers Prepare for Amazon Music Unlimited

After constant rumors about the launch for streaming music, Amazon confirmed the rumors with its recent announcement. The service that the online media giant is now offering is called Amazon Music Unlimited. The on-demand music streaming services allow users to listen to millions upon millions of songs, at a reasonable price ($7.99/month). This $7.99 monthly fee is for their Prime members, while the non-Prime members will pay a monthly fee of $9.99. For a more cost effective option, there is the “For Echo” plan. With this plan, you receive the same access, but it can only be played through the company’s Echo speaker system.

According to Recode, the Echo plan was put in place to give Amazon Music Unlimited the upper hand against its competitors. It is offered at a very reasonable price and it is used through a unique hardware system.

Although the announcement was made today, it doesn’t mean that it is the first time the online giant has offered a streaming service for their library of music. If you were a Prime member, you had the ability to access Amazon’s music. Only difference is that the previously service was limited on the songs in their catalog. The selection was limited, but the song availability exceeded two million songs. The Prime members also had personalized stations and numerous playlists to choose from.

By becoming unlimited, the entire platform has changed for its users. The catalog of songs have multiplied by more than 5 times its original list. These songs will be provided by such major labels as Warner, Sony, and Universal. This distribution is also opened to indie labels, which will be in the thousands. The thousands of personalized stations and playlists will be great for those looking for a specific mix of music.

For consumers that are looking for a plan that will offer access to the entire family will have to wait. The up to 6 people family plan isn’t yet available. But, Amazon has made plans to have the service available by the end of the year. The price for this service will be $14.99/month. There is also an annual price of $149. For Prime members, the annual price for a family subscription will be $79.

Even though there is a large market of streaming services available from other companies, Amazon will stand out with their “Echo Plan”, which has no competitors.

The Donald Trump Scandals

For ages, Donald Trump has had a name. Sometimes good. And, sometimes bad. Better yet, a lot of times bad.

On Friday, there was a letter sent to the Donald J. Trump Foundation, from the New York Attorney General. In the letter, they informed the organization that they were in violation of the law for their fundraising acts and that it had to stop immediately. According to The Washington Post, Trump’s foundation didn’t have requisite permission nor oversight to raise over $25,000. With these restrictions upon the foundation, their donations have been in the millions for a number of years.

Hope Hicks, a spokeswoman for the Trump presidential campaign, stated that all fundraising would cease. Hicks also questioned the motives of the New York Attorney General, Eric Schneiderman. Outside of raising millions that were not allowed, the foundation has additional acts that have to be questioned. Donald’s name is the front for the foundation, but the money being raised comes from other people. The foundation will receive donations from various people, then make donations with the money, under his name.

It was reported that $1.67 million was raised by the organization to fund veteran causes. At the same time, the funds haven’t been used just for helping those in need. It has been reported that the foundation’s money has also been used to settle any of Trump’s illegal issues. He may even purchase gifts for himself. Those two acts, alone, would be a violation called “self-dealing”. Other cases mention Trump directing his income towards the foundation, without evidence if taxes were paid on the money, as required.

Currently, The Trump Foundation is being investigated by Schneiderman to determine if the organization has broken any rules that involve self-dealing (settling legal cases and buying gifts for himself). It is also believed that the foundation’s money was used to make a political donation towards Pam Bondi, Florida Attorney General. This donation happened, while Bondi’s office was deciding on whether to investigate the Trump University or not.

The foundation wasn’t the biggest flaw. In 1995, records show that Trump had a loss of almost $1 billion. This loss was enough to protect Trump from paying any income taxes for the next 18 years. There was also a report from Newsweek that stated laws involving the American embargo on Cuba may have been broken by Trump, because of conducting professional business in Cuba. Records show that Trump has remained active in Cuba for more than 20 years.

Matthew Extends the Voters’ Registration Deadline

After the massive storm of Hurricane Matthew, which led residents of Florida to flee their homes and state, the government felt it was necessary to extend the deadline for Florida residents to register to vote.

The registration date was extended to October 18th, by Mark Walker, a U.S. District Judge in Tallahassee. Court records show that a lawsuit was filed by Florida’s Democratic Party to have more time. Officially, the last day to register to vote would have been Tuesday. A one-day reprieve was ordered by Judge Walker, so that they would have time for a hearing on Wednesday.

The argument of Florida Democrats was that the voters had been forced to either leave for safety or stay in the state and vote. Mandatory evacuation was ordered by Rick Scott, a Republican Governor. This was along the state’s Atlantic coast, as the state prepared for Hurricane Matthew to approach.

According to the Tampa Bay Times, Walker stated that having a voice in the elections is one of the most important rights that a citizen should have. There were no immediate comments, from the governor’s office, involving the judge’s order. When it comes to the presidential election, Florida remains to be one of the primary states. Currently, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are neck-to-neck in the state.

Outside of putting voting rights on hold, about 1,000 people were killed in Haiti from Matthew. The hurricane is claimed to be responsible for 30 additional deaths, which took place in Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Florida. There are still flood warnings being issued by North Carolina officials, due to swollen rivers.

Statistics show that 20% of all Florida registrations were one week prior to the deadline, in previous presidential elections. This is one of the key reasons that a lawsuit was filed. Overall, the Florida Democratic Party was happy about the successful decision. They did not want to take it to filing a lawsuit, but they knew what was most important for the citizens of Florida.

South Carolina was another state that was forced to extend their registration deadline, following the damage of Hurricane Matthew. Instead of October 7th, the deadline to register was October 11th. An extension in the State of Georgia was declined. There were no plans by North Carolina’s Governor, Pat McCrory to extend their registration deadline, which will be Friday.

Republican Trump and the Nude Miss USA Pageants

It was back in 2005 and Donald Trump was a guest on the Howard Stern Show. In an attempt to display his naughty side for Howard, Donald Trump began to brag about the perks he received at the annual Miss USA ceremony. Being the owner, Trump was able to do some things that the average celebrity would not be able to do.

Trump went on to talk about his visits backstage, where the pageants were getting dressed and ready for the event. He made sure to point out that no men were in the backroom; just him and the young women. He flaunts his authority by mentioning that he is the owner and “therefore I’m inspecting it.” Being in shock, Stern could only say, “You’re like a doctor.”

As the young women stood around with no clothes on, Donald would question the women and asked if everything was ok. “And you see these incredible-looking women. And so I sort of get away with things like that.” With the motivation of the presidential election, Trump’s eleven-year old interview somehow surfaced.

A former contestant, Tasha Dixon confirmed Trump’s comments, when she spoke in 2001. The Miss Arizona did an interview and mentioned how Trump would just be “waltzing in” the back room, while the ladies were either nude or half-nude and changing clothes. A BuzzFeed News report pointed out how Trump walked into the backstage of pageants as young as 15.

There were three of the underage pageants that remained anonymous and only one was willing to mention her name. The one pageant was Miss Vermont Teen USA, Mariah Billado. Billado went on to say, “I remember putting on my dress really quick, because I was like ‘Oh my god. There’s a man in here.’” Billado said that Trump simply told the girls not to worry, because he had seen it all before.

Once the story was released, the campaign for Trump did not comment. At the same time, eleven pageants from the 1997 Miss Teen USA said, they didn’t recall seeing Trump enter the dressing room. Others didn’t believe that he could have been there.

Although those ladies have no memory of seeing Trump, Tasha Dixon’s comments were confirmation of the stories that Trump shared with Howard Stern. She says the first introduction to Donald Trump was when they were at dress rehearsal, while being half naked and changing into their bikinis.

Majority of the Hacking in the U.S. comes from Russia

In the past 13 months, there has been a tremendous drop in the amount of hacking coming from China. Part of the change has to do with China and the Obama administration coming to an agreement to ease economic espionage.

Analysts believe that the deal with China is a great example for U.S., when it comes to dealing with Russia. While things have slowed down in China. Russia has only increased. The country is strengthening their campaign that will focus on undermining America’s confidence in the presidential election.

Dmitri Alperovitch said the improvement in China’s behavior “has been the biggest success we’ve had in this arena in 30 years.” Dmitri Alperovitch is the co-founder of Crowdstrike, which is a cyber security firm which traces intrusions in the computer network. Alperovitch said that it had nothing to with any changes in cyber space. ‘It was the threat of sanctions and the impact on their economy.” The cyber security firm has witnessed commercial hacking against firms in the U.S. drop by 90%. A large part has to do with Chinese government actors. The U.S. intelligence agencies reported having a substantial decrease as well.

Even with the large decrease, there is still hacking from Chinese intelligence agencies. According to Alperovitch, they are still attempting to steal national U.S. security secrets, which includes defense firms being attacked. Exact same attacks are done by the National Security Agency, when they attack China and other adversaries of the U.S. So, the attacks are viewed as being commonplace.

One of the problems within the agreement is stealing corporate intellectual property that will benefit Chinese firms. President Obama and President Xi Jinping signed an agreement in September 2015. Although the U.S. claimed to not do this act, it was done with impunity by China for years. A former director of NSA said the hacking done by China was the biggest wealth transfer in modern history.

Obama was led to elevate the issue, after years of pressure. The president threatened sanctions on China. In 2014, five members from the People’s Liberation Army was indicted by the U.S. for accusations of commercial hacking. China made an essential agreement to stop the hacking.

A year prior to the agreement being signed, the number of attacks had lowered. iSight intelligence unit of FireEye reported that the overall decrease began in mid-2014.

Volkswagen remains silent about past scandal

There has been an on-going scandal that surrounds the Volkswagen Company, which involves diesel-emissions. But, nothing more has been said from the automotive giant.

At this year’s auto show in Paris, Matthias Muller, CEO of Volkswagen (VW) made a comment on the recent debacle, saying it is something “we currently need to cope with”. He also made mention how there have been a lot of changes within the company, over the past 12 months. Other executives for VW have dodged any attempts to speak on the subject, although sharing their apologies at auto shows and press conferences.

Wolfsburg has been dealing with diesel issues for quite some time. It has become a “no name” scandal that can cause a lot of problems. As criminal charges and fines continue to increase, the automotive company is being forced into a corner. This hasn’t prevented Volkswagen from making attempts to grow the company with new, aggressive sales strategies and new product plans.

While revealing their vehicles at the Paris auto show, the company also revealed their new tagline. “Think New.” The tagline applies to the new selection of completely electric vehicles, but it doesn’t stop there. The “Think New” also focuses on generating new ways to limit their loss in sales. This means they have enhanced the 2017 U.S. line of vehicles, which includes an updated e-Golf. The e-Golf is expected to be released next year and available in every state.

For immediate action, VW has increased their value by giving the Passat, Golf, and Jetta a lot more content, without changing or even lowering prices. One example would be their Golf hatchback. The vehicle is no longer available in two-door and four-door body styles. Now, the only option is four-door, which are priced at $20,715 (S model) and $22,415 (Wolfsburg Edition model). They both have options of a six-speed automatic or five-speed manual transmission.

The previous SEL model was priced at $28,245, but has been replaced by the Wolfsburg Edition. Although the new model is $6000 cheaper than the SEL, it has all of the extra and perks that the SEL offered. The Volkswagen has never been able to go beyond their cult following, in the U.S. market. These cultish vehicles are the GTI, the Beetle, and the TDI (which is no longer exists).  The changes are beginning to show a little more success for the brand, which was initiated by the diesel crisis.

Investigator in Derrick Rose Rape Case is killed

NBA star, Derrick Rose was being investigated for a rape charge against him. One of the Los Angeles Police Department detectives, Nadine Hernandez was found dead on Tuesday afternoon, in a Whittier home. The 44-year old was found with a gunshot wound.

Hernandez and another detective were assigned to the rape case, involving Rose. Hernandez was a part of the Robbery-Homicide Division Special Assault Section. Majority of her work involved high-profile cases for sex crime.

Around 2:45 p.m., Tuesday afternoon, the Whittier police received a phone call about an attempted suicide. Steve Dean, Whittier Lt. said the location was the 8400 block of Via Sierra Ramal. They rushed Hernandez to Whittier’s PIH Health Hospital, and she died around 3:27 p.m. Lt. Dean said they couldn’t determine if the death was suicide or homicide. They are continuing to investigate the incident.

According to law enforcement sources, it is believed that Hernandez was found in a home that belonged to one of Hernandez’s relatives and there was only one gunshot wound found. On property records, the home was registered under the name of a retired LAPD lieutenant.

It was only a month ago, when news was made about Derrick Rose being investigated for rape. An attorney that was representing the woman involved in the case, attempted to appeal to the judge and conceal the woman’s identity. After the investigation was reported, Brandon Anand, the woman’s attorney requested that she be identified. A letter from Hernandez was included in the request. In the letter, Hernandez offered anonymity to those who would come forward. She sees it as “an invaluable investigative aid to investigators.” Hernandez insured that the woman’s identity would be protected, during the investigation. Once news got out about Hernandez’s death, the plaintiff was in shock; along with her attorney.

Trump asked to return Money to Donors

Thousands of dollars that were raised or given by two major donors are asking the Republican presidential nominee for their money back. Reports say that the donors are livid at Donald Trump.

An email that was sent by one of the donors stated, “I cannot express my disappointment enough regarding the recent events surrounding Mr. Trump. The subject line of the donor’s email read ‘Trump support withdrawal”. The donor raised and gave money for Trump’s campaign. The donor went on to say, “I regret coming to the Trump support event, and in particular allowing my son to be a part of it.

The donor sent a respectful request for the return of their money. When asked about it, Jason Miller said their campaign is not aware of any requests being made by their donors. Miller is Trump’s senior spokesman.

The release of the devastating video tape on Friday, left the donor with “buyer’s remorse”. The tape played Trump, as he described his sexual advances that were unwanted by women. The second donor said how they were mortified about the videotape that was leaked and requested a return on their donation. The second donor’s email stated:

“I cannot (sic) support a sexist man. I have three young children and will not support a crude sexist man…. I expect a refund of my donation. Please process immediately and I thank you for your help.”

It is said that both donors tapped into their own networks, in order to raise more money for the presidential candidate. Another individual that raised almost $1 million, said that he was fed up with Trump. The Trump Victory fundraising leaders received information from the large donor that no more money would be raised for the candidate.

A donation collector that wanted to remain anonymous stated that they had given up. They were walking away from the entire campaign and disappointed with the current debacle. They mentioned losing sleep for the past 72 hours. With the 2016 campaign, the Republican Party has been divided because of Trump’s candidacy. The release of his video only made the division greater. Over 50% of the elected officials are opposing the Republican nominee. On Monday, Paul Ryan, the House Speaker distanced himself from Trump even further. Since then, Trump has begun to launch attacks on the supporters that are now against him. The loss of financial support will create a huge determination of Trump’s campaign.

Trump attacks Bill Clinton over rape allegations

Donald Trump remains defiant in the wake of a video which emerged of him making obscene comments about women.

Trump is facing a huge backlash over the video in which he boasted about kissing women whether they wanted him to or not.

As both Republicans and Democrats called for Trump to step down, he decided that attack was the best form of defence and issued a string of damning tweets about his opponents.

He has highlighted never-proved rape allegations against his rival Hillary Clinton’s husband Bill by tweeting a link to an interview with the woman who accused Bill of rape.

Her lawsuit was dismissed in 2001. No criminal charges were ever brought and Bill has always denied the allegations.

Hillary Clinton’s running mate Tim Kaine said it was Trump who ought to be taking stock of how he spoke about and treated women. Kaine said the audio recording showed “a pattern” of sexual assault by Trump.

He added: “There’s kind of a piece of the jigsaw puzzle missing in Donald Trump where he does not look at women and consider them as equal to himself.”

Since the video emerged, nearly 40 senior Republicans have said they have had no choice but to withdraw their support for Trump.

Senator John McCain, who was Republican nominee himself in 2008, said: “Donald Trump’s behaviour this week, concluding with the disclosure of his demeaning comments about women and his boasts about sexual assaults make it impossible to continue to offer even conditional support for his candidacy.”

Meanwhile Trump’s own running mate Mike Pence moved to remove himself from the comments. He said he could neither condone nor defend Trump’s words, adding that he was praying for Trump’s family.

Terminator actor and former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has publically said he will not be voting for Trump.

However support has come from former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani who said: “Men at times talk like that.”

Support also came from the UK where interim UK Independence Party leader Nigel Farage said that while the remarks were “ugly,” they were something “if we are being honest that men do”.

Trump has issued an apology for what he said, admitting that he is not perfect and he has done and said things he regrets, including the words on the video.

Accusing Bill Clinton of doing far worse, he added: “Anyone who knows me knows these words don’t reflect who I am. I said it, I was wrong and I apologise.”