Online Media is sued by Kardashian

For the first time, Kim Kardashian-West’s robbery has been publicly addressed by the Kardashian-Jenner family.

After feeling wrongly treated and portrayed as being a thief and a liar, Kim Kardashian filed a lawsuit against an online media outlet. This lawsuit follows an incident in Paris that happen last week, where Kardashian was robbed of her millions in jewelry, at gunpoint.

The lawsuit was filed at Manhattan federal court, where the star is seeking unspecified damages. After being traumatized from the robbery that took place on October 3rd, at her luxury apartment, Kim became victim of another incident. This incident involved, which claimed the robbery was a lie and Kardashian’s report was fake. Once the news was released, sources attempted to contact Fred Mwangaguhunga, who is the owner of Fred would not answer his phone and there wasn’t an immediate response to messages that were left.

Since the lawsuit has been filed, the offensive articles have been removed from the online media outlet. has a reputation of posting news and articles that are unusual and even inflammatory headlines to go against other published online content. One example involved Kardashian again and was covered by TMZ, which claimed Kardashian and Kanye West increased their security in the U.S. This included guards with automatic weapons and armored vehicles.

It was reported that five armed robbers broke into the private residence of Kardashian. French police say the reality TV star was tied up, gagged, and had over $10 million in jewelry stolen. A chunk of the $10 million was a 20-carat diamond ring that was worth $4 million. Kanye West had recently given the valuable ring to Kim, which she “showed off” on Instagram, a few days before the incident. Kardashian’s reason for being in Paris had to do with fashion week.

Currently, there have been no arrests. In the lawsuit, they point out that the website didn’t have any factual support for the series of articles that were published about Kim being a thief and a liar. The articles went on to say how Kardashian faked the entire robbery and filed a fraudulent claim. They even reported that the violent assault was a lie, so that she could cheat millions of dollars out of her insurance carrier. The lawsuit stated, “Malicious publication of the articles, which paint the victim of a serious crime as a criminal herself, is libelous.”

The Harmful Samsung Galaxy Note 7

The mobile phone maker, Samsung made a world-wide announcement that asks Galaxy Note 7 users to turn off their devices. After hearing recent reports of the mobile device catching fire, the company attempted to prevent any injuries and lawsuits. Following the announcement to turn off all devices, another announcement was made by the South Korean business. They immediately stopped all sales of the Note 7.

In September, more than 2 million phones were recalled, when Samsung began to receive complaints about users having the batteries of their phones exploding. Samsung assured their customers that there was no worries with the devices that they had replaced. Afterwards, reports began to surface about the replaced devices having defects and catching fire.

One Kentucky resident had his phone replaced, then woke up to his bedroom smothered in smoke that was coming from his new Note 7. Later, a U.S. domestic flight had to be evacuated, because of smoke in the plane’s cabin that came from a Samsung Galaxy note 7.

The company stated: “Consumers with either an original Galaxy Note 7 or replacement Galaxy Note 7 device should power down and stop using the device and take advantage of the remedies available.”

Some sources say that Samsung was dragging their feet, after reports came out about users’ Note 7 continuing to catch fire. Analysis Dave Lee for BBC North American Technology said, “Perhaps even Samsung itself could not quite believe that one of the world leaders in electronics could have made such a catastrophic product safety error. Twice”

Users and reporters are more affected by Samsung attempting to cover up their disaster than the actual defects of the mobile devices. Now, Samsung has moved even slower on admitting that their new devices continue to have defects.  This gives Samsung an even bigger battle. Along with attempting to fix a global scare of their popular device, they also have to fight to maintain the trust of their customers. Being a supplier of a number of different products, this type of fiasco could be detrimental across the board.

It is believed that Samsung’s downfall stems from an attempt that all mobile devices makers are trying to do, which is make their lithium batteries more efficient, smaller, and the ability to charge faster. It is believed that Samsung’s defect comes from having positive and negative electrodes touching, which led to overheating, short circuits, and the reported fires.

No Agreement in Teachers’ Union

Approaching midnight on Monday, the Chicago Board of Education’s negotiators were still trying to work out an agreement with the teacher’s union and their new contract. The strike’s deadline is midnight.

One source called the negotiating, two parties going over “nitty-gritty” details. A 10 p.m. news conference was scheduled by the Chicago Teachers Union, while informing that the negotiations could continue until midnight. With no agreement being made, it would be the second strike that the union has had in the past four years, under the leadership of Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

Monday evening, the teachers’ union went to the social media and made comments on Twitter and reiterated their demand for an increase in money from special taxing districts to be used for the schools. It was reported that the mayor was willing to increase the amount of amount of money, but a specific amount was not given.

The union placed the focus on the surplus tax increment financing funds, which could be used for raises and job security for the teachers. The teachers feel the increase is owed to them, now that Chicago Public Schools want them to increase their contributions towards retirement. The mayor’s aides were preparing for the mayor to give his address on the city’s 2017 budget, while the agreement was going on. Although the address is for Tuesday, the mayor considered postponing the address to tackle the union issue amongst teachers and schools.

On Monday, Mayor Emanuel was present at a grocery store opening in Bronzeville. His focus is on the shared goal, amongst the unions, to not disrupt the students and their education. The mayor wanted a deal that was fair for the taxpayers of Chicago and the teachers. The mayor went on to say, “That’s our goal, and my #1 priority is to keep kids in school safe.”

Monday afternoon the teachers’ union was already in preparation for a strike, by picking up their materials for a strike. They also informed the teachers to form a picket line, outside the schools, at 6 a.m. on Tuesday. If nothing was settled, the union staff member and volunteers began to distribute picket signs and t-shirts. There was even a large banner that read, “CTU Strike Headquarters.”

Throughout the afternoon, hundreds of teachers continued to pick up their supplies to prepare for a strike. Despite the preparation, the union members are hoping that a resolution is made.

Disney World shuts its gates as Hurricane Matthew closes in

Disney World has shut for the first time in more than a decade amid widespread fear as Hurricane Matthew continues on its path of devastation towards Florida.

President Obama has declared a state of emergency in Florida as Matthew is expected to hit with a storm force of 4.

The death toll caused by Hurricane Matthew currently stands at at least 140 people with fatalities in Haiti and the Dominican Republic.

Evacuations are now ongoing across Florida and major attractions are closing their gates as a precaution while America braces itself for what is to come.

A spokeswoman for Walt Disney World said: “Based on the most recent forecasts for Hurricane Matthew, Walt Disney World theme parks, water parks, Disney Springs, miniature golf courses and ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex will all remain closed through Friday Oct 7.”

In the park’s history, Walt Disney World has only ever closed three times. Each time the closures have been the result of hurricanes. In 1999, there were Hurricane Floyd and Hurricane Frances while in 2004, it was Hurricane Jeanne.

Guests have already been evacuated from several of Disney World’s resorts, including the Fort Wilderness Campground, Polynesian Bungalows and the Saratoga Springs Treehouse Villas.

Sea World, also in Orlando has also announced it has closed and will remain shut during Friday.

Hurricane Matthew is expected to bring winds of 140mph along with 12ft storm surges.

So far, thousands of people have been evacuated from homes in the states of Florida, Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina.

Stocks of blood are being prepared in these states, sourced from a donor network in Seattle, in preparation for what are being described as further inevitable casualties.

The storm is expected to hit on Thursday night and stay close to Florida’s east coast through to Friday night.

Panic buying across the state means supermarket shelves have been cleared by shoppers fearful that they will run out of food if the storm hits. People who have taken advice to flee to safer ground away from the coast have faced huge queues at petrol stations as they try to get enough fuel to drive far enough away, or to stay put and stock up for emergency generators.

There has also been a rush to buy materials to cover up windows and doors of both homes and businesses as residents try to prepare as best they can to reduce damage to their properties or livelihood.

Residents have been advised to store food to last them for at least three days as well as filling up their vehicles with fuel.

Armed police line streets of London ahead of New Year’s Eve celebrations amid terror attack fears

Armed officers are in place across London ahead of the capital’s New Year’s Eve celebrations. There is a police presence in areas where crowds are expected to gather, as well on the Underground network.

Police officers with guns have already been seen outside Buckingham Palace for the Changing of the Guard, and there will be increased security at events across Britain.

Senior officials say security plans have been beefed up across London following terror attacks in Germany, France and Belgium. As well as extra armed officers, barriers are in place in a bid to prevent a copycat attack in the wake of incidents in Nice and Berlin, in which trucks were turned into weapons, to plough into innocent civilians.

The most anticipated event in the capital is the Mayor’s fireworks, which is so popular it has now become a ticket only event, to limit the number of people there, as crowds in previous years had grown to big.


Tourists from across the world are expected to flock to the River Thames to watch the incredible display over the water. This year, around 12,000 fireworks will be set off in a 12 minute extravaganza for the 110,000 people who have managed to get tickets.

Around 3,000 policemen and women are expected to be on duty across central parts of the capital tonight, both within the crowds who have tickets, and outside. British Transport Police have also confirmed that armed police will be travelling on the Underground system, as well as patrolling stations throughout New Year’s Eve.


Officers are now using the Tube system to get around on their regular patrols in order to make the Underground more secure, and to provide public reassurance. While many people are worried about a potential terror attack on New Year’s Eve, police say they have received no specific threat.