New votes continue to be add, with the most recent tally being in Illinois, California, New Jersey, and Maryland. This has increased the popular vote lead for Hillary Clinton to 2,017,563. Since the questionable election in 1876, this is the largest spread for a losing candidate.

Mrs. Clinton’s lead has surpassed the winning percentages for seven past presidents, five of which likewise won the Electoral College. What’s more, it has offered ascend to a demand from liberal activists to request reviews in three states that were won barely by Trump: Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Michigan. In any case, basically it is indicating a disadvantage that Democrats have with the Electoral College. Their voters are excessively gathered in the blue states of the Northeast and West Coast. Democrats have now won the mainstream vote in six of the last seven presidential decisions, however lost two of them in the Electoral College.

President-elect Trump has picked Gov. Nikki Haley of South Carolina, the descendant of Indian immigrants, for his United Nations’ ambassador, individuals near the Trump administration said on Wednesday. The pick, initially reported by the Charleston Post and Courier, is to be declared later on Wednesday.  Trump, whose presidential run was floated by an uncompromising position against migration, has for the most part picked more established, white men for cabinet positions.

Her turn would lead to promoting the lieutenant governor of South Carolina, Henry McMaster, early and verbal supporter of Trump’s.  Haley sponsored Senator Marco Rubio of Florida amid the primaries.

Trump touched base on Tuesday night in Florida for Thanksgiving at Mar-a-Lago, his private club in Palm Beach. A visit expected to give the president-elect some time with his family, and he isn’t arranging a busy schedule for Wednesday. In any case, authorities used to the transitioning say that he will be caught up with going over his selections and may report a residential arrangement before taking a break from work. A great part of the theory is concentrating on Carson as the house secretary.  Trump mentioned on Twitter that he was “seriously considering” Carson for the position.