Americans Vs the UK, it’s an ongoing thing. Right to bear arms and the UK has a right to fight with reasonable force.

Why, as a UK citizen do you hand out guns like you’re selling tobacco? You can literally go to a shop and pick a gun up like you would a new tumble dryer. I’m not for, nor am I against having a gun. Believe me, where I live, I’d like a gun to stop kids playing ball games against the walls. But I’m not (and never will be) licensed to have one.

Guns are dangerous weapons, weapons which should be for those that need them. Not a fashion accessory. Just because you paint a shark pink and call it Lola doesn’t make it any less dangerous.

Why should a gun be any different?

Yes you get tragedies, such as a kid literally shooting themselves in the foot, or a backfire that dislocates a 6 year olds shoulder.  But things like guns, things that essentially can kill other people need, really need to be kept to the grown-up market.

In the UK they have an issue with Knife Crime. I’m a victim of the searching. What exactly I’m going to do with 4 shirts and a plastic wrapped knife set you can’t get into without using a pair of scissors, I do not know. But, it is comforting, although ludicrous I, as a normal looking, young man who spent £50 in Debenhams (I really did over spend just for the knife set because it looked pretty and it was free) was stopped, searched, and they let me go.

The police were stopping everyone. Black, White, Asian, Middle Eastern.

This isn’t the first time it’s happened. My sister was also stopped and searched. You know, because mothers really dream of smuggling knives into Primark when trying to find yet another pair of tights because the previous 12 pairs have ladders in them because the washing machine likes to bash them about.

I appreciate however this diligence, it makes me feel safe. The Spanish Police will never fire (and believe me they will), if you give them what they need. The Americans, as gun happy as they are will seldom shoot to kill. If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear, and most of the time it’s a misdemeanour. A knocked out tail light or you boot (or trunk) is open. They don’t want to give you a ticket; they usually want to warn you that you need to do something to make sure others are safe.

If you have nothing to worry about, you have nothing to hide if you have nothing to hide you have nothing to worry about. Just remember though, with science, anything can be proven, and there is a huge difference between driving under the influence (which is bad enough) and carrying a fire arm without having a licence.

Put things into perspective, if you’re going to get into trouble for something, especially in the US, just take the punishment, don’t give anyone a reason to pull the trigger.