Traditionally, the Liberal Democrats are meant to be the party of choice for those not far enough Right for the Conservatives, but not far enough Left for Labour. They are also meant to be LIBERAL and DEMOCRATIC. However, with gay sex and sexuality seeming to be at the forefront of their minds, they have suffered another catastrophic blow to their LGBT (or Pink) vote.

For now a LibDem MP is claiming that plastic can ‘turn you gay’. Obviously, she hasn’t done a degree in psychology. Also, she obviously didn’t listen too much when it comes to chemistry and the fact Birds and Fish are different species.

This comes after the party leader, who is so adamant that he thinks gay sex is a sin, he’s practically in Narnia, refused to state his beliefs, and also went against his own manifesto and parties beliefs to condemn homosexuality. Hardly very liberal.

Also, I would like to know why so many heterosexuals seem to know more about same sex relationships and why they seem to be more clued up on gay sex that George Michael could have learned a few things?

Seriously, regardless of gender, sexuality, race, religion, gender identity, taste in clothes, what goes on in someone else’s bedroom (or kitchen, or dining room or office) behind closed doors is their business.

Stop thinking about the mechanics of someone’s sex life, and do some proper work. There are rapists, paedophiles, murderers, wife (and husband) beaters, muggers, bank robbers out there, stop thinking about Bob and Steve who have been happily living together for 20 years in a committed relationship, and what they do to get their kicks, and start looking closer to home.

A couple of gays living next door are not going to damage the neighbourhood, they aren’t going to send house prices plummeting, if anything, they’ll put them up as an accepting neighbourhood is more sought after than one where you lock your door before even taking your coat off after work.

The LibDems are meant to be politicians, and politicians are meant to be smart. Get your head out of my bed, and stop voyeuristically imagining Bob and Steve’s antics, most likely, when they go to bed, they kiss each other good night, one of them farts, the other steals the duvet, they get into a bicker over taking up too much of the bed, they fall asleep, wake up in the morning, one makes the other a coffee, and it’s business as usual.

These, Libs, are normal relationship dynamics, and we all have them, down to the very last flatulent squabble. Now, get out of my bed, and into your office, and write me a manifesto that will blow the rest out of the water. We have a country in turmoil; we need to start seeing economic growth. We need to see more young people being educated to a good standard so they can go on to become our doctors and nurses. What we don’t need, is a forensic analogy of the sex life of a same sex couple. We have Google for that.