After she took a gamble, and lost, in regards to her believing and being advised that calling a General Election would give the Conservative Party a huge majority in the House of Commons, Theresa May is beginning to look like a walking dead Prime Minister.

One of her first tasks that she has been hastily arranging over the last few days to picking her new Cabinet, which has not be made easy due to the fact that many of her MP’s lost their seats at the election held the other day, and one thing she may have to consider is to have a cabinet that includes MP’s from the Irish DUP Party who have enabled her to form a government!

Ever eager to cash in at the first sign of trouble in any political party, many UK betting companies have started to offer odds on who is going to be the next Prime Minister of the UK, and there are certainly many members of that party who are ready to throw their hats into the ring.

As it is beginning to look more and more likely that Theresa May will not last the full five year term of her possible current time in office, we have taken a quick look at several betting companies who have opened up a betting market and will now take a look at who is likely to replace her if she either decides enough is enough and steps aside or if she is voted out of office by her own party faithful.

The two MP’s who are currently red hot favourites to take over from There May are Boris Johnson and David Davis, their respective odds of doing so are currently 2/1 and 7/2, and the reason both of them have such low odds attached to them is that both of them are all for Brexit and will be seen as her natural replacement much more so with the Brexit negotiations being due to start in just a matter of days now.

There are a couple of female MP’s who have made a good impression not only on their own party members but the general public at large and those are Ruth Davidson and Amber Rudd, in fact there is not a lot of difference in their odds of becoming the next leader of the conservative party with Davidson’s odds being 11/2 and Rudd’s odds of doing so being 6/1.

Believe it or not we have seen some betting companies offering odds that Nigel Farage will become the next leader of the Conservative Party, even though he is not even a member of the Conservatives, however a bet is of course a bet and if by some sheer fluke you think he is going to put himself forward and actually is voted in as her replacement you will be able to take odds of a huge 100/1!