Brexit in Crisis

If you are not living in the UK or in Europe, then you are probably sitting back in amusement as the Brexit negotiations continue to rumble on, with each day that passes more and more people are coming forward to proclaim the entire procedure is a complete farce, and one that is doomed to failure.

However, one thing that the UK must been seen to be doing, if there is to be no riots in the street is to eventually and finally have in place an exit strategy that appeals not only to those voters who voted to leave the EU, but also one that in some way pacifies the people who voted to remain in the EU.

That is something that Theresa May and her Government are trying desperately to do, even though when listening to speeches given by some EU you would be forgiven for thinking the opposite is true.

No matter what Theresa May and her team manage to achieve by way of the Brexit negations, she is never going to pacify everybody, in fact the way it appears she is going to is not only upsetting those who voted remain but those that votes for Brexit too!

The one latest development that everyone in the UK is discussing is the transition period, that is a period of time when the UK leaves the EU that has been allocated for Brexit to work, with no major changes to the current way the UK abides by EU laws and regulations.

But many people are stating that at no point in time did they agree to be put into such a transition period, and it is simply a way of ensuring that the EU has control over the UK, but during the transition period the UK will stay have to pau  their EU fees but will have no say what so ever in the laws and rules being implemented by the EU.

Having said all of that though GBP is performing quite well on the money markets, especially in the last few days when it has bene making ground on both USD and the Euro, so whilst many of the general public in the UK may think the entire Brexit negotiations are a farce, the money markets think otherwise.

It is of course going to be a wait and see situation as to whether the UK does get in place a Brexit deal they can be proud of, however there is no doubt in my mind over the coming weeks and months we are going to see plenty of disagreements, and there is still the very good chance that the UK may leave the EU with no deal at all of course!