Despite a million people signing a petition against Donald Trump’s state visit in wake of the Muslim travel ban, the British government has announced that the visit will go ahead as planned.

According to The Daily Mail a source within in Downing Street said that it would undo all the work that Theresa May has done.  She is, however, under growing pressure from all sides over the issue including figures from within her own Conservative Party.

Pressure on May Builds

Calls for Trump’s visit to be at least be delayed have come from various sides of British Politics.  Baroness Syeeda Warsi, Tory peer, joined Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn and Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson calling to delay the visit.

President Trump’s executive order banned refugees and travellers from seven predominantly Muslim countries including Iraq, Iran, Syria, Somalia, and Yemen.  Under the executive order entry into America is delayed for 90 days.

On Sunday night it was announced that British nationals with joint nationality with one of the targeted nations will not be banned from entering the U.S.


The travel ban has caused widespread chaos across America and has been met with a international condemnation and protests across the world.  Protests are planned in Edinburgh, Cardiff, Manchester, Newcastle, Cambridge, Leeds, Birmingham, and London where protests will be held outside Downing Street.

The issue on whether Donald Trump will be allowed a state visit will be debated in parliament.  An online petition that calls for Trump not to meet the Queen, and therefore not a state visit has gained 100,000 signatures within hours of being launched and is expected to have reached a million signatures by Monday.

For an issue to be debated in parliament it must reach a 100,000 signatures which it has.

A Downing Street source told the BBC, “The invitation has been issued and accepted.

“To scrap the visit would undo everything following Mrs May’s visit. America is a huge and important ally we have to think long term.”

Donald Trump has accepted an invitation from the Queen.