We all know that Politics is a dirty game, and one that is full of backhanders, in house backstabbing and mudslinging.

This is why it’s not a surprise that the entire institution has been rocked with cash scandals, sex scandals, affairs, bribes. But something has now come out, literally.

Tory MP Michael Fabricant has come out as ‘bisexual’, though I think it’s been the worst kept secret in British politics for years.

This came to light after he appeared on First Dates in aid of Stand Up To Cancer. Granted, it’s hardly the most salacious of scandals to hit the Tory party, but it is quite a funny gaffe.

Still, there is a much more serious pestilence in the House of Commons, and that is the overwhelming number of people coming forward complaining about sexual harassment and assault.

It is completely across the board, and Tory, Lib Dem and Labour all have complaints against members of their respective parties. But there is something that seems to be a common theme and this is the bars.

Booze appears to be one of the major factors in all of the allegations. A common theme so to speak, and it’s high time our boozed up politicians spent more time debating and less time downing pints. Instead, the world of politics appears to be stuck in the 1950’s, where men down pints and the women sip from dainty glasses of wine and discuss nothing more important than shoes and handbags. It wouldn’t surprise me either if smoking was allowed in the bars.

It’s time politics was shaken up, get rid of these dinosaurs who enjoy all the (tax payer subsidised) booze they like, and get a younger, fresher crowd in, one that actually represents our society, and how we have evolved over the last 60 years.

Instead we have MP’s spending £35k on bird baths, Lords attending Parliament simply to take a nap and get paid £300 a day for it. There are the late night drinking sessions, the ridiculous salaries, and all for what. I load of old men to bicker like they’re in the pub.

It comes as no surprise that sexual assault allegations are coming thick and fast, because in Parliament they honestly believe they are immune to anything and untouchable, hence behaving like petulant school boys and bullies when they don’t get their own way.

The leaked list of alleged MP’s is quite substantial and it is worrying that these people are in positions of power, especially if they are found to be guilty. We could end up with another Cyril Smith situation on our hands. Disgraced MP’s that take their secrets to their graves, and only then do people start speaking about the horrendous things that MP’s have been up to in their spare time.

As these jokers are tax payer funded, we deserve a full enquiry by not only Parliament but also the police to bring those guilty of these heinous crimes to justice.