British Prime Minister Theresa May is to meet President Donald Trump on Friday.  The main discussions points of the meeting will be Trade, NATO, and Russia.

She added that she would not be afraid to challenge his controversial comments on women and race.  She said, “It’s the special relationship that enables us to say when we think things are unacceptable.

“Whenever there is something that I find unacceptable I won’t be afraid to say that to President Trump.”

May was the tenth world leader to be telephoned by Donald Trump following his inauguration.  Originally they were due to meet in February but now will meet next week.

New Deal with America

Britain is keen to strike a new deal with America for once it leaves the European Union.  Trump is known to support this move and it is reported he wants a relationship with Theresa May similar to the relationship between Ronald Regan and Margaret Thatcher.

It is understood that May will be invited to unveil a statue of Winston Churchill which the previous president, Barak Obama removed.

There are some doubts that Trump’s “America First” policy will be compatible with a free trade agreement between the two countries.  The British prime minister says she is “confident” that she could reduce barriers to trade and will look to secure a formal agreement in place after Brexit.

Passporting for Business

One deal that was said to be on the table was “passporting” where British and American firms could set up businesses in each other’s countries with the minimum of regulation.

Another aspect that will be high on the meeting agenda is NATO.  President Trump has said he feels the organisation is now obsolete and questioned how much money other nations were paying into it in relation to the U.S.

Theresa May did say she “promised” to hold a very frank discussion with Donald Trump making clear she found some of his comments about women “unacceptable.”  The two leaders will meet next week.