The Chinese Defense Ministry has announced to the US that they intend on returning their confiscated underwater drone that they had taken in the South China Sea just a few days ago.

However, despite their announcement, they are frustrated by what they consider as the US overly exaggerating the entire incident.

The underwater drone was apparently conducting oceanographic data, checking the salinity and temperature within the region.

As the USNS Bowditch vessel had come nearby to take it out, a Chinese vessel had already captured it.

According to the Chinese Defense Ministry, they claim that they had spotted an unidentified object within the sea, and captured it as a precautionary measure in case it served as an obstacle for navigational security.

China states that throughout the entire incident, it has been in direct communication with the US regarding the drone they had taken, and Donald Trump had tweeted about this matter, saying the Chinese had stolen their drone directly from international waters.


The Chinese Defense Ministry have expressed their disapproval of the US allegedly conducting several surveillance missions around the South China Sea, and they have urged the US to discontinue these types of operations in the future.

A U.S. research group has stated they are concerned with the Chinese military being deployed in a rather hostile manner within all of the seven artificial islands the Chinese had constructed within the region, and worries have increased regarding the anti-aircraft and anti-missile systems that were seen.

Donald Trump said he intends on further examining the matter regarding the “One China” policy, adding that when he begins his term he will alter the policies regarding trade between the two nations, and claims China has manipulated the currency.

President Barack Obama cautioned Mr. Trump regarding the consequences that could surface if the “One China” policy is ignored or changed in the future.

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