U.S. President Donald Trump is said to announce later on this week his plan regarding the wall between the United States and Mexico along with the new immigration policies he will impose.

Trump’s administration within the White House are currently underway in implementing several executive orders that will be signed regarding both national security and immigration.

Besides the infamous promise Trump has made during his campaign in building a wall between the US and Mexico, he intends to also ban immigrants from specific African and Muslim nations.

Trump tweeted that the day for huge plans to be carried out regarding national security is coming, and then added “Among many other things, we will build the wall!”

More to Come

Later on throughout this week President Trump is expected to officially sign the executive order that will limit immigrants coming from specific Muslim countries.

Such countries included are Syria, Libya, Sudan, Somalia, Iran, and a few others.

The executive order will not permit the refugees that come from these nations, along with those who hold visas that come from these nations. The final announcement on the matter is said to be made on January 25th.

Not Without a Fight

Muslim campaigners within the United States have stated that they have been preparing for the all the details to be disclosed about this matter.

They state that President Trump may be confronted at the end with a legal battle about this matter.

The Council of American-Islamic Relations spokesman Ibrahim Hooper has stated that that they are ready to face whatever specific ban on Muslims Trump seeks to execute.

Hooper added that they currently underway in assembling with other coalitions in order to create a method on how to safeguard the Muslim rights along with their freedom of religious practices.

Throughout Trump’s campaign he had vowed to ban all Muslims at some point temporarily.

Published by Sara O'Connell

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