Emmanuel Macron has beaten Marine Le Pen in the French Presidential election, and at the age of 39 he has become the youngest leader of France since Napoleon. Within minutes of the result being known he vowed that he would “defend Europe” and immediately turned his celebration to anger by declaring the UK Brexit was “a crime”!

The result of this election is going to have widespread repercussions throughout Europe as a whole, and it was something of a definitive victory as he has secured two thirds of the vote.

As is always the case in French elections, once the result was known thousands of his supporters flocked out the Carrousel du Louvre in Central Paris to celebrate his victory.

It would appear that early exit polls were correct, for it had been predicted earlier in the day that he would secure a large percentage of the French vote, and when he visited his local polling station in Le Touquest he was mobbed by his supporters.

An hour after the polls had closed and it was looking likely he was the winner he said his victory was to be a “new page in our history” and he was looking forward to the tasks and challenges ahead of him.

One of his first tasks however will be to untie the country, for with a third of the vote going to the right wing nationalist Le Pen, he does know that not everyone wanted him to win and would have preferred Le Pen to take the country forward but in a completely different direction.

Macron said that the French nation had “chosen audacity” in selecting him as the next President and that he was going to serve with “humility and strength”.

H then went on to say that “The task before us is immense and will begin tomorrow. It will require making public life more responsible, defending our democratic values, strengthening our economy, building the new protections of this world around us, giving a place to everyone, rebuilding our Europe and ensuring the safety of all the French.”

It was of course not the result that his opponent Le Pen had hoped for, and with the UK Brexit having been voted in over in the UK and with Donald Trump winning the USA Presidential election she was hoping her campaign of both being against the EU and her hatred of globalism and immigration would sway the general public.

Much more so in light of the fact that France has been the victim of some major terrorist attacks recently and with large part of France being overrun with refugees, some of whom have been recently been rioting nightly and making certain parts of France no-go areas.

As mentioned above he is now the youngest leader of France since Napoleon, however one aspect of his private life that did raise a few eyebrows when it become known was the fact that his wife is 24 years older than him, and she was also his teacher at high school!