Adventurer Ben Fogle has taken to Twitter to say he thinks he has found the Ed Stone in the garden of an up market restaurant garden. The image shows the engraved stone peeping out from foliage looking more like a long forgotten grave which has been left to the elements. This could however be a tongue in cheek joke after the 2015 General Election literally died a death for Labour and has done since their last appointment.

The stone was bought by Caprice Holdings, whose chairman is a millionaire conservative donor, at a charity auction shortly after the election. However, speculation has been raised as the stone mason who was commissioned to create the stone has said it can’t be moved without the use of a crane and it weight 400kg and is 8ft (3 meters) high.

Steve Vanhisenberg also said ‘I’m 99% sure it’s smashed … I know the man that smashed it’.

The tablet was one of the many gimmicky atrocities and publicity stunts that caused the Labour party great embarrassment, for example, we will never forget #SandwichGate, which saw Ed Milliband try (unsuccessfully) to eat a bacon sandwich without looking like he was trying to devour the entire pig in one bite. Like, seriously, Ed, sit up straight, open your mouth to around half way, and take SMALL bites starting from the corner. See, was that so hard?

The Ed Stone however, was the easy pickings of the week for Milliband though, with so many memes depicting him as Moses being handed the 10 commandments from God. To the point where at one point it was among the top trends on Twitter for about 3 days.

We don’t know what the hope was and who was behind the idea, but it was so farcical, it could have been a mole from the Conservative party, trying and succeeding to embarrass the party and make them an international laughing stock.

The Ed Stone also cost the party £20,000 in a fine due to the party omitting to pay two payments relating to the stone totalling over £7000.

There was national interest on the whereabouts of the stone, with one major newspaper setting up a hotline for the public to call should they see the Ed Stone.

This, compared to US politics at the moment is an extremely funny a gaffe, especially considering Trump’s now finding his feet and is willing to flex his muscles. Also unlike George W Bush, he isn’t prone to making a fool of himself by trying to walk through false doors, insulting a blind reporter, and generally be a man child who couldn’t make a decent policy on his own.  Fortunately, he could read, just as long as the speeches written for him consisted of no words exceeding 6 letters in length and didn’t have silent consonants.

Trump earlier this week sacked the Director of the FBI, James Comey, stating he was unable to lead the Bureau. This looks like it could be one of a series of sackings the President makes.