In an unexpected claim by an American official, it would appear that despite what President Trump has said in regards to his love and support of the people of the United Kingdom, and his recent rhetoric that they are right at the front of the queue in regards trade deals (and very good trade deals) thanks to Brexit, the UK is in fact behind the EU in regards to such business deals!

It has been claimed that Donald Trump has somewhat softened his stance on a US-EU trade deal after his recent meeting with Angela Merkel the Chancellor of Germany, despite what appeared at the time to be some very cold body language.

In fact, the so far unnamed US official has gone on to claim that the EU as a whole will have in place a free trade deal with US long before one is agreed and put into place with the UK, which is going to ruffle a few feathers in the UK who enjoy the “special relationship” with the US and who are about to have a general election.

It is the Times newspaper who have stated that Trump has now softened his opposition to an EU-US trade deal after he recently met with the German Chancellor, who, it is claimed said that an EU trade deal with the US would be a very simple procedure and one that will benefit both the United States and all EU member states also.

The main reason it has been suggested that Trump has had to do something of a u-turn is that his administration has been unable to open talks with any individual EU member country so far in rewards to possible trade deals other than with the UK, and that fact has led him to come to the conclusion that a deal would be best put into place with the EU before the UK finally leaves the EU as part of Brexit.

The main aim of any trade deal is of course to offer tariff-free goods and services to and from any two countries, continents or in the case of the EU any group of countries, which should benefit both sides of such a deal as they are not going to find their goods and services being out priced by others, and give each side of the deal an open playing field in regards to all deals and services supplied.

It has also been said that Trump was unable to grasp the concept of not being able to do an individual trade deal with Germany at his recent meeting with Angela Merkel, as she insisted and stated quite categorically that a deal could only be done with the EU as a whole which of course Germany is just one member, albeit the main driving force of the entire EU.

It will be interesting to see who in fact does get a trade deal in place with the US first, as the Conservative Party in the UK who have just called a general election are aiming to secure a landslide victory in the election, based on being able to structure a very beneficial and successful Brexit and lots of valuable trade deals.