Hillary Clinton is now throwing direct blames towards the FBI and Russian President Vladimir Putin for her defeat in last month’s elections. Clinton claims that Putin has a personal quarrel with her, which apparently dates back to 2011 when she criticized the Russian parliament and their corrupt system so as to allow a re-entry for Putin as president.


Clinton stated that her criticism had led to increased rage by the Russian citizens against Putin as a result, and it is due to that, that he has intervened in the last elections.

The speech in New York in which she poured out all of these resentments to the table at, also included her saying that Putin’s plot to sabotage the US elections was strictly to demoralize the American concept of democracy.

The former secretary of state then decided to point the finger at FBI Director James Comey, in whom she claims had a direct role in decreasing her late-breaking voters once he announced towards the bitter end of the campaign that they would be thoroughly proceed with the emails investigation again.

Agreement From Multiple Agencies

Officials from the CIA have concluded that the Russians undoubtedly have directly interfered and disrupted the US elections so to work in the favor of Donald Trump.

Clinton expressed her view towards this ongoing conflict, saying that a Russian cyber-attack is not necessarily just a direct attack towards her personally, but serves as an attack towards the United States as a whole as well. It is an assault towards the honesty of the nation’s democracy, and threatens its security.

Putin, according to Clinton has endeavored on a “long term strategy” whilst committing these cyber-attacks so as to supposedly make the Americans more uncertain of themselves, and eventually at some point may surrender their freedom to another super power that exists in the world.

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