He hasn’t even picked up the keys to the White House yet, and already President-elect Donald Trump has sparked a diplomatic incident.

Beijing is understood to have lodged an official complaint with America following a call which took place with Mr Trump and the Taiwanese leader Tsai Ing-wen.

Beijing said it felt the need to point out that there is only one China, and that Taiwan was an “inalienable” part of Chinese territory. It is asking America to make sure it sticks to the “one China policy” as Mr Trump gears up to take over from outgoing president Barack Obama in January.

It went on to say that Taiwan related issues should be handled with care, and there should not be unnecessary interference “with the overall situation of Sino-US relations.”

Fears that entrepreneur and former reality star Mr Trump is simply improvising when it comes to international affairs are mounting following Mr Trump’s phone call with Ms Tsai.

Small trick

However, Wang Yi, China’s foreign minister, has moved to downplay the conversation, saying that it was simply a “small trick” played by Taiwan. He added that he did not believe there would be any change in American policy towards China.

He said he hoped that the political foundation laid by the One-China policy would not be harmed. It is understood that Mr Trump is the first president or president-elect to have ever spoken with a Taiwanese leader for nearly four decades, since America implemented its One China policy.

Mr Trump claims that Ms Tsai called him, rather than it being the other way round. It follows a string of criticism that anyone with Mr Trump’s mobile number, or able to get through to him at Trump Tower, was able to secure an audience via the telephone with the new American president.


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