An aid worker who was working at the now cleared Jungle camp in Calais has reportedly left her husband to marry a migrant she met while volunteering.
Mother of two Helen Muller is now planning to marry her new boyfriend so he is free to live in the UK.
The Jungle sprang up near Calais because migrants were desperate to reach Britain where they believed they could make a better life for themselves.
Ms Muller, 28, was working at a medical caravan set up to provide assistance to camp residents when she met, and fell in love with, an Afghan migrant.
The women, from Wales, is believed to have split from her husband following rows over the couple’s finances because she had spent thousands of pounds to ensure she could stay in Calais to continue volunteering.
The husband and wife had been together for eight years.
She now plans to marry her new love because she says it is the only chance of them being able to stay together in England.
He was living in the camp as one of some 6,000 migrants hoping to be able to grant asylum in Britain. The man is said to have been working as an interpreter and translator while he waited for an opportunity to enter Britain.
Now that French officials have cleared the Jungle, he has been moved to Lyon.
Ms Muller said the migrant would be an asset to whichever country he made his home in.
She said: “He would come to translate for the British doctors as he can speak four languages.
“There was no payment. I think he was so bored in the Jungle that he just went to translate.We spent some time when it was quiet speaking about different things, mainly about Islam and cultural differences.
“From that day that I first met him we’ve literally spoken for hours every day.”
She said that each time she went in to the Jungle, she would make sure she saw him.
Ms Muller said things between her and her new boyfriend became serious a lot faster than they would have done in the UK because of the intense situation they were operating in.
A quick marriage could now be on the cards. She said: “For him to be able to legally move to the UK, I would have to marry him within three months of him getting here.Everyone says I’m crazy but it’s the only legal way he can come here.”