A staggering amount of people have signed a petition demanding that a planned state visit from President Donald Trump is cancelled.

The 700,000 signatures come after President Trump’s policy on immigration caused chaos in airports across America as people from seven, mainly Muslim, countries were stopped from entering the US.

Because it takes 100,000 signatures or more for a cause to be debated in Parliament, the issue must now be debated in the House of Commons. More than 1,000 people have signed the petition every minute. Already, it is the third most popular petition in the history of Parliament. However, it still has a long way to go to beat the most signed Parliamentary petition ever after more than four million people called for another referendum to be held over the issue of Brexit.

Visit to the Queen

British Prime Minister Theresa May announced during a press conference at the White House that President Trump and the First Lady had been invited to visit the Queen, and that they had already accepted the invitation.

President Trump and his wife Melania are scheduled to meet the Queen later this year, with the full pomp and ceremony expected of a visit to Her Royal Highness. However, it is understood that the former reality star is already keen not to bump into Prince Charles as the two have very differing views on global warming.

The online petition has been backed by Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, who says that Britain should not host President Trump while his policy on immigration stands. The motion suggests like while President Trump should not be barred from entering Britain during his official duties, he should not be allowed to partake in a state visit as that would cause embarrassment to the Queen. The petition asks that President Trump is barred from a state visit for his entire time in office.

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