Relations between the President-elect and the British Prime Minister probably could have gotten off on a better foot, given that one of her aids posted “Donald Trump is a chump” on Twitter.

However, the pair are now gearing up for a face to face meeting, with Mrs May due to travel to Washington to talk to the new president following his inauguration. The plans are understood to have been put together at the end of last year, when Mrs May’s joint chiefs of staff Fiona Hill and Nick Timothy headed to New York and Washington where they met their counterparts in the US.

Mrs Hill hit the headlines lst year after it was revealed that she posted the words “Donald Trump is a chump” on social media in 2015. Her colleage also posted his own message about the President-elect, saying: “American politics was depressing enough before Trump took off.”

Working together

Mrs May is understood to have sent her aids on a relationship repairing exercise to make sure that she and the US President have a good working relationship following his inauguration on January 20.

Mrs May has now had two phone calls with Mr Trump. During the second, she recommended that their senior aides meet up. A source said that Mrs May was looking forward to holding talks with former reality star Mr Trump in the spring.

The relationship that Mrs May manages to forge with the new president is seen as particularly important at a time when Britain is preparing to remove itself from the European Union.

Mrs May has been criticised for being on the back foot when it comes to forming links with Mr Trump, given that it was former UKIP leader Nigel Farage who was the first UK policitian to meet the entrepreneur following his shock victory against Democrat Hillary Clinton.


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