President Barack Obama recently said in an interview that if he were permitted to run for another presidential term, he most definitely would have defeated Donald Trump.

President Obama claims that the biggest downfall for Hillary Clinton was for her campaign to have been too confident in believing that they inevitably would be triumphant in the elections.

The president went on to add that when someone thinks they’re certain of winning, even in sports as well, then that is the precise moment they need to reevaluate how more cautious they should be.

Trump Disagrees With Obama’s Claim

President-elect Donald Trump responded to Obama’s claim that he would definitely lose to him in a presidential election by exclaiming “NO WAY!” and adding in the tweet that some reasons he would win in an election against him include ISIS still existing, the criticism of Obama Care, and the claim that jobs have drastically decreased within the United States.

President Obama said in the interview that he fully supports Hillary Clinton and allegedly even assembled a winning union that was scattered across the United States, but the Clinton campaigners were unsuccessful in keeping up with it.

Obama Remains Confident

President Obama states that he is undoubtedly confident about earning a victory over Donald Trump if he were able to run again, claiming that he could have assembled a significant portion of the US population to follow him through his campaign.

Obama went on in expressing his opinions on the victory of Donald Trump by stating that the Affordable Care Act serves as a great advantage anyhow to inhabitants situated in Kentucky and West Virginia who had never voted for him or Hillary Clinton either, yet continue to be greatly helped through it nonetheless.

Obama added that the main conflict here is there isn’t enough communication and awareness to the population to let them know that the government is really going the extra mile for such communities.

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