On Friday, President Barack Obama was in Berlin, urging leaders from France, Spain, Italy, Germany, and the UK to maintain close cooperation with foreign and security policy issues, when Donald Trump officially becomes the president. Obama’s meeting is the last time that he will come together with the European leaders, as he continues his tour throughout the world, reassuring the country’s allies that are concerned about the future role of the US, following Trump’s election win.

The White House released a statement, saying “President Obama expressed confidence that, even at a moment of great change, democratic values have done more to advance human freedom and progress than any other system in history, and will continue to do so going forward.”

The world leaders were concerned about the joint positions on Ukraine, the Syrian civil war, the migration crisis, and the multilateral institutions, which includes NATO. They also stressed working as a team to fight terrorism, which is noted in the White House statement. The Leader discussed stopping the attacks on the city of Aleppo, by calling on Russian, Iran, and the Syrian regime. Chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel spoke after the meeting, saying she didn’t hear the leaders say anything about sanctions against Russia, because of their actions in Syria. A warning was sent by European leaders about Russia possibly being exposed to new sanctions, if they continue to increase the bombings in Syria. All leaders agreed that conditions hadn’t been met to lift the sanctions against Russia over Ukraine, according to Merkel.

Involving the cease-fire accord with Ukraine, Merkel said, “We want to make progress in the Minsk process, but so far, such progress is unfortunately rather invisible.” The European leaders are quickly assessing the possible impact that Donald Trump will have as the US president.