We have been keeping a very close eye on the betting markets in the run up to the UK General Election, and one thing we have noticed is that the odds on a Conservative win have been fluctuating like mad! In fact, at one stage the Tories were odds on 1/100 to win the next General Election which is being held next week and looked like they could not be beaten.

However, with the ever changing world of politics being what it is, the odds on the Conservatives main rival that being Labour, have been shortening as the date of the election approaches, and a recent survey suggests that the Conservatives could lose their majority!

Last night on the BBC One channel in the UK they held a live debate with all of the main political parties taking place, however whilst every political party fielded their leader on that debate, the Conservative leader that being Theresa May was not the one in attendance, instead it was left to the Home Secretary Amber Rudd to take the flack who was just recovering from the death of her father!

Whilst at times that debate was loud and did feature a lot of the usual arguments, all parties did seem to put their points and put them across in a way they had intended, if slightly louder than they had expected, however each of the leaders did make a point of saying that Theresa May had not bothered to turn up!

The betting markets are often a good pointer in regards to who is most likely to win an election, however as the recent US Election did show us the red hot favourite is not necessarily the one who will win, as there is no way of being able to predict who will be the winner of any election held anywhere in the world until all of the votes have been counted up.

If you are interested in placing a bet on who will be the winner of the next General Election in the UK then the odds we have found are generally on offer are as follows, but please be aware that the odds are wildly fluctuating at this moment in time so you should ensure you shop around and compare the odd available from several different sportsbooks or betting sites if you want to lock in the best betting value!

The Conservatives are currently available at around odds of 1/12, so they are still the odds on favourite to win, their main rivals that being Labour are now on offer at around the 6/1 mark.

The Liberal Democrats are on offer generally at odds of 500/1, and for those of you who fancy the chances of UKIP or the Green Party you will find you can very easily get odds of a whopping 1000/1 on each of those two parties it win the UK General Election 2017.

Published by Sara O'Connell

A passionate photographer from Arizona, Sara enjoys art and culture.