An interfering aunt sparked a huge argument with her nephew over his choice to not marry within the Jewish faith, leading to a backlash from him that was both eloquent and exceptionally to the point, all while telling her to butt out and to not be so blinkered in her views.

Which led me to think, does anyone have the right to try to control their relatives, to the point where the aunt was not only meddling where no aunt should meddle, but also insulting to the girlfriend. Claiming that ‘only a Jewish girl will make him happy’.

It also leads me to believe that religion is the only thing at fault here. A fabricated collection of stories intertwined to make a novel to rival Harry Potter, that essentially tells people that others who don’t follow the ideology of that particular script, be it the Bible, Quran, or Torah, are infidels who need to be stoned to death at worst, and are inferior to followers at best.

This is another reason why I firmly believe that religion has no place in schools, where young, pliable minds are easy to brainwash and radicalize. It doesn’t matter if it’s Islam, or fundamentalist Christians that picket war veterans funerals waving ‘God Hates Fags’ placards (and incidentally never miss a gay event in the process).

What about segregation like in the 50’s? Where there were ‘White entrances’ and ‘Coloured entrances’. That was essentially to make white people feel they were more important than anyone who wasn’t white. That wasn’t right, yet we allow scriptures in schools that teach our children that if someone doesn’t follow the rule set of that particular religion, they are inferior, and that we shouldn’t mix outside of the faith.

This has led to Ghettos being formed, where Muslims, Jews, Sikhs, Catholics, Jehovah’s, and all the others create their own little sub communities and refuse to mingle outside of them. This has also had an effect on hate crimes, as in being so segregated, those that seek to attack need not look far.

Then again, nearly all minorities end up in Ghettos, my ex lived in a place where you were the odd one out if you weren’t LGBT, this made the area an easy target for people who were looking to stir up hatred against the gays.

The key to having a truly integrated society is, you guessed it, integration. Your religion should hold no bearing on who you love, who you speak to, and who you can and cannot be friends with. You are not, as J.K calls it in the Harry Potter series, a ‘Blood Traitor’ for having friends with different coloured skin, or a different religion. To really drive the message home, look through your friends list on Facebook, and you can only remain friends with the ones with Blue eyes.

It’s happened before and we all know how that ended.

Published by Sara O'Connell

A passionate photographer from Arizona, Sara enjoys art and culture.