Keith Ellison, 53-year old Representative of Minnesota, says he’d like to be considered as a legislator who is Muslim, as opposed to a Muslim government official. In today’s America, however, there are sure things you can’t escape or wish away. Conveying the stuff of Muslim character in post-9/11 America is one of them.

Ellison’s stuff is especially clumsy. Raised Catholic, changed over to Islam at age 19, he spent various years in the circle — how profound and for to what extent are forcefully questioned — of the famously hostile to Semitic Louis Farrakhan, pioneer of the Nation of Islam. Ellison’s spoilers, most however not every single Republican divided or star Likud activists, refer to a progression of activities and explanations over about 10 years. Ellison himself says the charges are misrepresented, some essentially manufactured. The affiliation, he said in a late telephone meeting, was a genuinely short association in a group wide push to prepare investment in Farrakhan’s 1995 Million Man March and Day of Atonement. “I was an individual from a various sorting out board that was working with

Most vital, Ellison says he moved away once he comprehended the truth of Farrakhan’s hostile to Semitism. As a youthful dark dissident, he’d at first respected the counter Semitism charges against Farrakhan as one more white assault on a dark pioneer. Also, he sporadically said as much, as his rivals happily remind us.

It was while listening to a pre-walk discourse in Minneapolis by the flammable Farrakhan lieutenant Khalid Abdul Muhammad that he understood the violence of the development’s bias, Ellison said. “He gave a repulsive discourse,” he said. “It was humiliating.” Still, as he conceded in a 2006 letter to the Jewish Community Relations Council of Minnesota, “I ought to have reached that conclusion sooner than I.”

Picking the following DNC head is transforming into an unaccustomed scramble. No less than about six applicants are competing for what’s customarily been an unpleasant, low-profile work. What’s upped the ante this year is the gathering’s November 8 failure, which has abandoned it with an authority vacuum and a genuine personality emergency.