The Ministry of Defence has been told that it must pay damages to 4 Iraqi citizens over their mistreatment while being detained.

As the plot thickens, and this is still breaking news, we can only speculate at alleged crimes and reasons for being detained. But the Brits don’t do things like this lightly, and most likely there will have been good reason for detainment.

That doesn’t mean the MoD are completely blameless, but essentially, the MoD is a business, and no business no matter what industry has a completely 100%, Have a nice day, happy clappy work force. Basically, some people are not very nice, or have their own sadistic agendas, which we’ve all seen.

One of the claimants was paid out over £30,000, a sum which although relatively small will hit the tax payer one way or the other.

The people that tend to go into the military are naturally dominant and sometimes borderlining aggressive. Putting them in charge of detainees is quite frankly asking for trouble.

However, because we don’t know what these 4 people have done, or are alleged to have done, it’s impossible to make a full on conclusion. However, as they are Iraqi citizens, and given the times we are in, it is more than likely to be linked with some kind of terrorism, which currently seems to be the in thing.

They also mustn’t have complied or struggled because quite frankly, if I was faced with an armed copper, he could frisk me until the cows come home, because I have nothing to hide, therefore I have nothing to worry about.

It’s only when you’re holding secrets that you go into survival mode, which these men obviously did.

I’ve been stopped by police before and had my bag checked, I’ve also been stopped at the doors of nightclubs because I had a bag with a jumper in it in case it got cold when I left. It’s basic security measures, and no one needs to be afraid if they have nothing illicit.

These men obviously came under the radar for one reason or another, and unfortunately, were treated badly, which is heinous. But they were suspected of something.

As for the Ministry of Defence, they need to start vetting a lot more scrupulously. You can be firm, but you also have to be fair. They were innocent until proven guilty, not the other way around, and as such, should have been treated with basic human rights. However, I reckon that some jumped up bully boy who has a chip on his shoulder took a power trip and others followed suit.

I can’t imagine the strain working in such an environment can do to someone, but seriously, mental health checks should come as standard when working with detainees, especially those who may have performed the most serious of crimes.

The MoD should really take a look at its force, and evaluate properly each individual, because they haven’t only been embarrassed, they’ve permanently damaged 4 people’s lives and countless of their own staff.