Ever since the wee hours of Wednesday morning, there were people asleep with fear in their hearts and others were glued to their seats, watching the votes being tallied. No one knew what would be end the result, because the race was so close, at one point. Then, the moment came and left.

When the announcement was made, there was a change in the environment. It was a feeling and experience that wasn’t felt during a presidential election, for quite some time. The Republicans were just as shocked as the Democrats. Although the people didn’t want Hillary, they knew there was no way that they would get Trump. They knew that it was impossible for the vacant seat to be awarded to Trump. They knew.

The twenty-four hours that followed the victory was very eerie. There wasn’t much to be said amongst one another. People barely openly spoke about how they were happy or sad about the results. For a moment, it seemed surreal. For some, it continues to feel that way. Although Trump won’t officially claim his seat, until 2017, that doesn’t make the situation better for those that are against the decision. Instead of accepting their future president, people have openly spoke their disbelief and dissatisfaction with the polls;’ choice.

Although people may not be openly speaking their views, face-to-face, there are a truckload of people giving their input in the world of social media. The dissatisfaction and for some, hate about who will be the next president has created a new, popular hashtag: #NotMyPresident. You’ll find it on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and any other place that will allow you to add a hashtag. And, a hashtag isn’t needed. People are simply posting, “Not my president”. This alarming, eerie swarm of emotions in the country has led people to wonder what will come in the next four years. Also, how are other countries looking, from the outside in?