If you misbehave in Spain, expect the police to give you a firm telling off. Even the kids are afraid of getting into trouble off the police, because not only with they receive a royal telling off when their parents find out, they’ll get a double telling off too.

Misbehave in Sweden, the police are not afraid of getting the taser out.

Misbehave in the UK, the police are afraid of the consequences, red tape, political correctness and Human Rights.

What happened to the ‘if you break the law, you lose your rights’? The police are there ‘to serve and protect’. That means, regardless of your past, if you haven’t committed a crime (on that occasion) and require assistance, the force is there.

However, if you do have a past, and are suspected of something, from robbery to rape, you have to do what the police tell you and cooperate with them. It’s far better your safety and their mental health.

The police aren’t a bunch of bad guys, they are in the job to help society. To protect the innocent and to bring the guilty to justice.

So it comes as no surprise that the young man who died after being restrained by police (when trying to make a getaway) was a boastful drug dealer and all around thug.

Now, no one deserves to die in the hands of the police, but he was a criminal who tried to make a getaway. Sorry, but had he simply cooperated with police, he would still be alive.

The problem we face now is that Black Lives Matter has jumped on the bandwagon and are protesting. They don’t seem to understand the concept of if you break the law, you deserve to be punished. They have cherry picked the bits they like from the human rights act, but discarded the rest.

Furthermore, it is disgraceful that Dianne Abbot, an MP who has had more disastrous gaffes in her political career had the audacity to join in the rally while the tax payers fund her fat pay cheque.

Dianne, leave the protests and politics to the grownups. You may want to go back to college and get your GCSE in mathematics.

The police are now worried that should the worst happen (and it is a tragedy) to someone suspected of a crime, they will find themselves in court, not the person they were tasked with catching. This is a catch 22 of huge proportions, yet the rest of Europe doesn’t follow the human rights act. In fact, half of them don’t even follow the EU smoking regulations!

It seems that everyone else picks and chooses what they follow, while the UK follows it to the letter and then adds some more letters to it for good measure.

The human rights act has distorted, where people can scream it out and the courts bow down.

Sorry, but if you break the law, you deserve punishment, and if you have to be restrained or make a get away, you have proven your guilt.