British Prime Minister Theresa May is believed to appeal for unity when she gives her set-piece speech on Tuesday.

The speech is expected to go into more detail on the forthcoming Brexit negotiations including the government’s strategy for negotiations with the EU.

Up to now specifics of leaving the EU have been at best vague with many confused on key points such as freedom of movement, the single market, and ending the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice.

Nobody at this time knows the full content of the speech.  The Daily Telegraph newspaper, however, said, “She’s gone for the full works. People will know when she said ‘Brexit means Brexit’, she really meant it.”

Alliances with Europe

Writing in The Sunday Times, David Davis, Brexit Secretary said the government is planning to build strong alliances with the remaining 27 member states.  He said, “We don’t want the EU to fail, we want it to prosper politically and economically, and we need to persuade our allies that a strong new partnership with the UK will help the EU to do that,”

Already senior figures are airing their views on Twitter and other mediums.  Davis has said that they are planning to take onboard transitional arrangements, as the leaving process is played out.

Nicky Morgan, a pro-remain, said, “The Government will be doing a disservice to the country and to both Leave and Remain voters if it dogmatically pursues a hard, destructive Brexit where immigration control is the be all and end all, our economy is undermined, and people are left poorer.”

Bringing the Country Together

May’s speech is set to talk about bringing the country together.  One newspaper reported that she will talk about respecting the result.  With many in Scotland looking to make Brexit the excuse to start another independence referendum, this may be an impossible goal.