Another embarrassing gaffe for the Labour party has emerged. As the political battle hots up, it has emerged that Tony Blair, former PM and leader of the Labour party, granted AMNESTY to two terrorists from the IRA who murdered a man and then proceeded to put his corpse through a meat mincer for good measure.

Terry McCormick and Pat Maguire were both sent so called ‘comfort letters’ under Tony Blair’s government, better known as ‘Get out of Jail Free cards’ telling them they were not sought after by police. This comes as a spectacular blow to the Labour government from 1997, who squandered money to the point where when the Conservative party came into power, the infamous ‘Notegate’ happened literally telling the chancellor that ‘I’m afraid there is no money’.

This is also brining everyone out of the woodwork calling for Tony Blair to be put on trial for war crimes, in a war that was not only illegal, but led to so many deaths on both sides, the rift between the west and the east has never been greater.

Going back to Ireland, Blair’s government did an under the table agreement with the IRA, granting immunity to both McCormick and Maguire who have lived in the USA ever since after the brutal murder of Captain Robert Nairac.

It is unclear exactly what happened, but one thing we do know is that the handsome, promising soldier was murdered and tortured in cold blood after a night out drinking and singing with locals in the pub.

He was taken over the border, mercilessly tortured and shot dead. Capt. Nairac is then believed to have been put through a meat processing machine to ensure that his body was never discovered. His is the only body to never have been found after the Bloody Sunday incident.

Maguire, who is now a US citizen, was traced and tracked down to Dumont, New Jersey, 8 years ago and audaciously admitted to the crime, if you read between the lines.

‘There’s nothing I can say about that night… Of course I have regrets about it. But I’m not going to say anything more’.

It also comes, once again, after Lady Justice Hallet slammed the entire investigation as ‘a catastrophic error’, after 10 days ago, a complete list was made public under the Freedom of Information Act, of all the suspected IRA terrorists was released from around 1977.

It also can be revealed that it is highly likely that the abominations responsible for the death of Capt. Nairac were more than likely spear headers for the Manchester bombing in 1996, as their names are consecutively placed as 72 and 73 on the list of names released.

Unfortunately, the culprits of the attack will never be found, thanks to the Comfort Notes, though one thing is most certainly true, whether you support the Labour party or not. Tony Blair has a lot to answer for. From his easy way out technique, to his trigger happy relationship with Bush.

Tony Blair sent thousands of men to their grave, and tens of thousands of men to nervous breakdowns. Not to mention their families. The real travesty here is not the party, or the politicians, it all lies solely on one man’s shoulders, and I hope it eventually breaks his (non existent) spine.