Donald Trump has requested from President Barack Obama to call for a veto against the U.N.’s resolution that seeks to prevent the Israeli government for granting further construction of illegal settlements.

The call has been requested just a little less than a month before Mr. Trump is to be sworn in as US President, as Mr. Trump is against any denunciation for Israeli settlements.

The U.N. resolution states and demands from the Israeli government to cease any further construction of illegal settlements on Palestinian territory, and is being revised as of now in Egypt.

Two Sides to the Two State Matter

As the U.N is fighting for the halt of the settlements, Donald Trump shares his own sentiment in this matter.

Reports have stated that this resolution emphasizes the importance of further illegal settlement construction on Palestinian land, as it would directly violate international law standards, and could possibly hinder any future hope of a two-state solution between Israel and Palestine.

Mr. Trump meanwhile took to all outlets of social media in demanding a veto to be called for by President Obama against this resolution.

Disrupting Foreign Policy

Mr. Trump’s statements and comments about this matter has mixed in with the fact at hand, which is that President Obama at the end remains as the current US president, and such conflicting sides to the matter result in a confusing and uncertain stance regarding the U.S. foreign policy.

Mr. Trump stated that the only way to achieve a successful and efficient means of peace between the Israelis and the Palestinians is to hold negotiations and talks between the two, not through certain standards and regulations to be set and put forth by the U.N.

The president-elect went on by saying this imposed set of terms by the U.N. would be extremely unjust towards the Israelis.

Mr. Trump’s statement came after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had demanded that the United States revoke such a draft to be implemented against Israel.

Published by Sara O'Connell

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