President Trump will today take steps to building the wall across the U.S – Mexico border and curb immigration to America, through the signing of executive orders when he visits the Department of Homeland Security on Wednesday.

The information comes from two administration officials who asked not to be identified.

The executive orders are expected to limit the access refugees and visa holders from certain countries have to immigrate to America.  Countries include Yemen, Syria, Somalia, Sudan, Iran, Libya, and Iraq.

Restrictions to Immigration

The restrictions to immigration are likely to increase the vetting procedures on immigrants.  While the state and homeland security departments look at ways to make the vetting procedures become more stringent, there is likely to be a ban on all admission for several months.

It is believed that refugees would be allowed an exception if they were fleeing religious persecution where their religion was the minority.  This would allow Christians to be given safe haven in countries that had a different predominant faith.

Mexican Wall

Donald Trump has made it clear that he wants to build a wall across the border with Mexico.  Initially, the wall will be paid for by the American taxpayer, but his plan is to recoup the money from the Mexican government.  The Mexican government has always rejected the idea.

Both Mr Trump and the Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto will meet next week.

Part of the legislation to build the wall is already in place.  In 2006 a law was passed that authorised the construction several hundred miles of fencing along the border, which so far has not been enacted.

The Secure Fence Act was signed by George W Bush and the last remnants were completed after President Obama took office three years later.

The wall was always been a controversial idea and will hit several obstacles before a brick is laid.  It will have to overcome and adhere to a 1970 border treaty with Mexico which dictates what structures can be built at various points on the U.S – Mexico border.