The United States secretary of defense has stated that they will send approximately 200 more soldiers to assist in the fight against ISIS in Raqqa, Syria.

The personnel will consist of special forces, advisers, bomb removal experts, and trainers. As of now, about 300 US special forces are currently deployed in the ongoing crisis in Syria who are fighting alongside Kurdish and Arab resistance fighters.

US Role

Airstrikes have been the major role the US have been assisting with in recapturing the stronghold of Raqqa.

Ash Carter has expressed frustration among the Middle Eastern nation for not assisting in the fight with their military in aiding with the struggle against the Islamic State, while they continue to criticize the lack of America’s effort in the fight.

Mr. Carter added in his announcement towards the Middle Eastern nation that perhaps it is them who aren’t putting in a sufficient amount of effort to aid in the fight, whilst the US must continue to listen to these rants.

The statement continued with Mr. Carter saying it comes as no surprise for the US to expect the big leaders of the Middle East to exert more assistance in fighting against Islamic extremism.

The secretary of defense expressed a much needed course of action that needs to be taken by Sunni-Arab nations in collaborating with Iran for the greater good of the region, despite their differences.

The US has found it increasingly difficult to hold a mutual understanding with the Russian government, who have intervened militarily in the civil war in Syria. Mr. Carter said, in regards to Russia’s involvement in the war that they had “only inflamed the civil war and prolonged suffering.”

The 2oo more US troops that will be sent will be training the Arab volunteers who are joining in the fight. The situation gets far more complicated as the Kurdish resistance fighters, who are deemed as a threat by Turkey, another US ally, are at the end considered an ally themselves to the US on the other hand.

A temporary cease-fire has been announced last Wednesday so as to permit humanitarian aid to flow through and supply the citizens suffering with medicine, food, and as a chance for them to flee the city.


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