Eagle-eyed inauguration viewers claim that one of President Donald Trump’s bodyguards was wearing prosthetic hands, so that he could hold a gun underneath his coat.

The speculation follows video footage which shows the new President, along with First Lady Melania and their 10 year old son Barron walking down Pennsylvania Avenue following the formal inauguration ceremony.

The family was protected by a number of bodyguards wearing black trench coats. However, one member of service personnel seemed to be unusual as his arms did not move and his hands were in the same position throughout the video.

As a result, commentators have suggested that he could have been holding a gun underneath his coat. However, others say that is nonsense as further images and video show that he is moving his arms. Images taken from a different angle show that his fingers have curled, suggesting that the theory about fake hands was nothing more than that.

High Security

The inauguration was the subject of high security last Friday following fears that, with feelings running so high, President Trump could be at risk. The new president and his entourage travelled in limousines for more than two miles down towards the White House, getting out of the cars on a number of occasions to greet the assembled crowd.

The last President to be assassinated in the US was John F Kennedy, who was killed in Dallas in 1963. However, President Trump has divided opinion on an unprecedented scale and Secret Service officials will have been taking no chances.

President Ronald Reagan escaped an attempt on his life, just two months after coming to power. James Brady, who was the press secretary at the White House was left paralyzed as a result of a stray bullet from John Hinckley’s gun. Hinckley was released from a psychiatric hospital, where he was being held up until last year.

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