Early into the wee hours of Wednesday, it was discovered that the U.S. president for the next 4 years would be Donald Trump. No candidate has been cheerfully accepted by every citizen, but there is something different about Trump’s victory.

One sign that things were becoming unusual is during the polls on Tuesday night. It seemed as if reporters were shocked and somewhat scared about Trump’s victories in various states. For those covering the election and the voters, it felt like they were watching a movie. One of the reasons could have to do with the president’s track record. From his harsh words to his shaky business ventures, Donald is well-known throughout the country. He also has a reputation in other countries.

“From Clown to President” is the headline for an article that was posted in the France Le Figaro. Les Echos, a French business daily, titled their piece “The New Face of America”. This seems okay, until you actually read the article: “Racist, populist, male chauvinist, arrogant, and unpredictable. We do not know what is most terrifying in the personality of Donald Trump.”

This type of response leads those to question what the relationship will between Trump and the country’s allies, along with other world leaders. It is obvious that Trump doesn’t have the ability to simply press a red button and cause all hell to break loose, but that doesn’t mean much to people that watch the polls in amazement. Rzeczpospolita Conservative Daily in Poland compared his victory to Game of Thrones. “Winter is coming and you can’t help it. We have woken up in the completely unpredictable world, and business does not like uncertainty”, says the news reporter.

The response is alarming, but also somewhat understandable. The world has witnessed a business owner that does not have any political knowledge become what is to be believed the highest position in America. The next four years will be very interesting.