President-elect Donald Trump is renowned for his business acumen, having built up a diverse portfolio himself. And how the Republic has shown how much he values entrepreneurial experience by appointing fellow tycoon Rex Tillerson as his Secretary of State.

After much speculation, Mr Trump, who takes the keys to the White House in January, has announced that he has chosen the ExxonMobil CEO Rex Tillerson to be his Secretry of State.

Mr Trump said he had made the appointment because of Mr Tillerson’s business experience and his prowess as a negotiator. He described Mr Tillerson as “among the most accomplished business leaders and international deal makers in the world.”

American dream

The President-elect went on to say that Mr Tillerson embodied the American dream because he had reached lofty heights in the business world through sheer hard work, dedication, and being smart when it comes to making deals.

In a news release issued in the early hours of the morning from Mr Trump’s current headquarters, Trump Tower in New York, he said that Mr Tillerson would be able to turn his had to running a State Department, having gained valuable experience in running a multi-national enterprise.

He also said that Mr Tillerson would be a safe pair of hands when it came to dealing with all types of foreign governments as he was used to being involved in high level discussions and negotiations.

Meanwhile, Mr Tillerson said his selection was an honour and he promised to do his bit to “restore the credibility of the United States’ foreign relations”. He also said that he would concentrate his efforts on improving national security.

However, Mr Tillerson’s appointment is certain to draw as much criticism as it does praise, given his close links to Russia and President Vladimir Putin. Leading Republicans have already talking about concerns amid reports that Russia was involved in cyber hacking to help Mr Trump to take the presidency.





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