Prior to the poll results, we began to witness segregation amongst the voters and Americans in general. The rallies, primarily Donald Trump, were filled with fights, racial slurs, and so forth. The country was able to witness how segregated everyone remains to be. Although it may have been somewhat hidden in the past, it all changed on Wednesday morning.

The ballot counting went beyond midnight, as people went to bed and most stayed up throughout the night. Although a decision hadn’t been made, there was sourness in everyone’s stomach, due to the uncertainty of who would be next in authority. Although people didn’t expect to see it happen, including the supporters, Trump came out victorious. This led to people calling off from work and not being able to carry out their daily tasks. It also rehashed tension and segregation amongst the Americans.

The hate was obvious on the World Wide Web. With millions of rants posted on social media and a popular hashtag, which said “not my president”, it became clear that a large part of the country was not willing to join hands and be supportive of the president-elect. It became so strong that the words used to describe Trump were constantly searched on the dictionary website, Merriam-Webster. On Sunday, the company tweeted a statistic of the top searches on their website: racism, misogyny, xenophobe, fascism, and bigot were some of the most searched.

This single-handedly shows how this year’s election had a huge effect on people throughout the world. There were people in other countries that shared their hate against the final results. Majority of their disagreement may have to do with some of the comments and plans made about immigrants living in America. With hate that spreads throughout the world, many are left wondering how long will this feeling amongst people actually last.