The tomb of Queen Nefertari was discovered plundered in the valley of the Queens in 1904, by a team of Italian archaeologist. Interestingly, they reported that a set of mummified knees found inside the tomb should belong to Nefertari who died in her early forties.

Queen Nefertari, the wife of Pharoah Ramses II, was the most popular Egyptian royalty during the era that her husband ruled.

Scientists who conducted genealogical experiments on the mummified knees are  very confident that they belong to the famous queen.

While many of the genealogical scientists are convinced that the mummified knees belong to Nefertari,  Egyptologist Joann Fletcher from the University of York stated in an interview with the Two-Way news entity, that there is a great amount of skepticism surrounding the knees stored at the Egyptian Museum in Turin, Italy.

Fletcher stated “We know certainly in the Valley of the Queens, from previous work we’ve done, that individuals were often buried in earlier tombs,” Fletcher stated. “We had no way of knowing if these were Nefertari’s remains or not. They could have been washed into the tomb at a later date during one of these occasional flash floods that do occur in that part of Egypt.”

Some of the test performed by the team of global researchers included radiocarbon dating, genetic studies, paleopathology and chemical tests. The findings by the international team of scientists was revealed in several science journals.

The researchers concluded that, according to their findings the knees belonged to a someone who was about 40 years old, the same age as Queen Nefertari, when she was presumed dead after disappearing from the royal stage.

Chemistry analysis highlights that the materials used in the mummification process were those used on the highest ranked personal at that time. Fletcher in her report stated “They’d been mummified to a very high standard using the most costly of ingredients. Very careful wrapping, a lot of attention to detail.”

Several tests have shown that, the knees belonged to a female who was about 5 feet, 5 inches tall, also a unique pair of ornate sandals designed for someone about the same height were found in the plundered tomb of Queen Nefertari.