Pro Brexit Groups Demand Replacement Ambassador must want to leave the EU

Ian Duncan Smith, Conservative MP, has claimed that the replacement for Sir Ivan Rogers must want Britain to leave the EU.  Two possible replacements have been discussed.   They are treasury official Tom Scholar, or Bank of England deputy governor, Sir John Cunliffe. Former leader of UKIP and one of the leaders in the Brexit campaign, […]

Theresa May to Appeal for Unity in Wake of Brexit Negotiations

British Prime Minister Theresa May is believed to appeal for unity when she gives her set-piece speech on Tuesday. The speech is expected to go into more detail on the forthcoming Brexit negotiations including the government’s strategy for negotiations with the EU. Up to now specifics of leaving the EU have been at best vague […]

Supreme Court Rules Parliament must Vote on Triggering Article 50

The Supreme Court has ruled that parliament must vote to trigger Article 50.  The formal process for leaving the European Union. Brexit secretary David Davis has told MPs who were pro remain not to exploit the process.  He still wants to push forward with plans to leave the EU adhering to the timetable already laid […]

Boris Johnson: Countries queuing up for Trade Deals

Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson has said that countries are “queuing up” to sign trade deals once Britain leaves the EU and single market. In Tuesday’s speech, Prime Minister Theresa May said Britain would withdraw from the single market, and warned the EU not to take punitive measures against Britain. European Commission President Jean – Claude […]

Trump: Britain ‘Doing Great’ After Brexit Vote

In an interview for The Times newspaper, and the German Newspaper, Bild, President-elect Donald Trump has stated that the UK is “doing great” after the Brexit vote. Mr Gove, interviewing for the times and a prominent leave campaigner during the Brexit campaign, asked if Britain was at the front of the queue for a US […]

Corbyn Spells out Vision for Brexit Britain

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has spoken about Britain after the country leaves the EU ahead of a policy speech to be given today. Speaking on ITV and Radio 4, he discussed the single market, employment rights, and the free movement of people in Europe. Corbyn said that unscrupulous employers such as Mike Ashley were destroying […]