Elderly Woman With Dementia Pushed To Her Death by Fellow Resident

Danielle Griffin, 87, was killed as she was pushed to the ground by another fellow resident with her at the Leewood Healthcare Center situated in Annandale, after some verbal altercation had caused the other elderly woman to give her a hard shove, causing Griffin to fracture her hip. Griffin had been suffering dementia and it […]

15 Year Old Girl Arrested In Suspicion of 7 Year Old Girl’s Death

An adolescent girl as young as 7 years old known only as Katie was found in an obscure alleyway situated in a suburb in New York City yesterday afternoon, who was then pronounced dead later after she had been sent to the hospital. As the mother of Katie had arrived at the scene where her […]

15 Year Old Girl Charged With Katie Rough’s Murder

Katie Rough, the young girl aged 7 who was murdered a few days ago and found at a grassy alleyway in York has resulted in the arrest and charge of a 15 year old girl deemed responsible for her death, according to authorities. The 15 year old girl charged with the crime had been called […]