The Trump Administration Transition into the White House No Longer Going Smoothly

From media photos of President-elect Donald Trump and outgoing President Barack Obama in the White House Oval Office the two seemed to have a cordial relationship and all was well as the new party prepared to take over the White House.  Trump himself even praised President Obama for helping to make this process smooth.  Now […]

British Government Rejects Calls to Cancel Trump’s State Visit

Despite a million people signing a petition against Donald Trump’s state visit in wake of the Muslim travel ban, the British government has announced that the visit will go ahead as planned. According to The Daily Mail a source within in Downing Street said that it would undo all the work that Theresa May has […]

British Prime Minister Theresa May to Meet President Trump on Friday

British Prime Minister Theresa May is to meet President Donald Trump on Friday.  The main discussions points of the meeting will be Trade, NATO, and Russia. She added that she would not be afraid to challenge his controversial comments on women and race.  She said, “It’s the special relationship that enables us to say when […]

Protestors Gather En Masse for Trump’s Inauguration

Protestors are gathering in large numbers for Donald Trump’s inauguration.  President-elect Donald Trump will be the 45th President of the United States and will be inaugurated at noon local time on Friday. His inauguration will take place on a 10,000 square foot specially constructed platform in front of the Capitol which holds 1600 people. Following […]

Trump: Britain ‘Doing Great’ After Brexit Vote

In an interview for The Times newspaper, and the German Newspaper, Bild, President-elect Donald Trump has stated that the UK is “doing great” after the Brexit vote. Mr Gove, interviewing for the times and a prominent leave campaigner during the Brexit campaign, asked if Britain was at the front of the queue for a US […]

Trump To Abandon International Partnership

US President-elect Donald Trump looks set to put an end to the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade deal as soon as he begins his administration. This unique deal involves 12 countries and covers 40 per cent of the world’s economy. Member states include the US, Japan, Malaysia, Vietnam, Singapore, Brunei, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Mexico, Chile […]