London is invaded by Humanoid Robots

Within hours, a swarm of humanoid robots had taken control of London. This information was passed on from HBO’s public relations, while promoting their latest series. A science-fiction drama titled, Westworld. In front of London landmarks, there were life-size robots walking the area and terrifying onlookers. Unknown to the Britons, this was only a publicity […]

Americans told to batten down the hatches as Hurricane Matthew death toll continues to rise

Deadly Hurricane Matthew has been described as the “most dangerous storm in living history” as the death toll now stands at more than 800. The devastating storm has left more than 800 people dead and tens of thousands homeless as it rampaged across Haiti before heading for the US. US President Barack Obama urged people […]

Apple Perfect their Design with iPhone 8

Ever questioned if your iPhone could work well with a display surrounded by a single bezel? So have the designers of the Apple iPhones. Rumours have begun to spread that Apple is building an impressive new design for their future released iPhone 8. It has been reported that the next generation of iPhones will have […]

Amazon Shoppers Prepare for Amazon Music Unlimited

After constant rumors about the launch for streaming music, Amazon confirmed the rumors with its recent announcement. The service that the online media giant is now offering is called Amazon Music Unlimited. The on-demand music streaming services allow users to listen to millions upon millions of songs, at a reasonable price ($7.99/month). This $7.99 monthly […]

Matthew Extends the Voters’ Registration Deadline

After the massive storm of Hurricane Matthew, which led residents of Florida to flee their homes and state, the government felt it was necessary to extend the deadline for Florida residents to register to vote. The registration date was extended to October 18th, by Mark Walker, a U.S. District Judge in Tallahassee. Court records show […]

Majority of the Hacking in the U.S. comes from Russia

In the past 13 months, there has been a tremendous drop in the amount of hacking coming from China. Part of the change has to do with China and the Obama administration coming to an agreement to ease economic espionage. Analysts believe that the deal with China is a great example for U.S., when it […]

Trump asked to return Money to Donors

Thousands of dollars that were raised or given by two major donors are asking the Republican presidential nominee for their money back. Reports say that the donors are livid at Donald Trump. An email that was sent by one of the donors stated, “I cannot express my disappointment enough regarding the recent events surrounding Mr. […]

Trump attacks Bill Clinton over rape allegations

Donald Trump remains defiant in the wake of a video which emerged of him making obscene comments about women. Trump is facing a huge backlash over the video in which he boasted about kissing women whether they wanted him to or not. As both Republicans and Democrats called for Trump to step down, he decided […]

The U.S. Keeps Their Eyes on Mars

A renewed call to have American astronauts visit Mars was published in an essay by President Obama. In the essay Obama stated, “We have a set clear goal vital to the next chapter of America’s story in space: sending humans to Mars, by the 2030s and returning them safely to earth, with the ultimate ambition […]

Online Media is sued by Kardashian

For the first time, Kim Kardashian-West’s robbery has been publicly addressed by the Kardashian-Jenner family. After feeling wrongly treated and portrayed as being a thief and a liar, Kim Kardashian filed a lawsuit against an online media outlet. This lawsuit follows an incident in Paris that happen last week, where Kardashian was robbed of her […]